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 Stitch Diagrams and Description

Satin Stitch:
Work straight stitches across the shape as shown. Conform stitches to the shape you will be filling in. Care should be taken to keep a good edge. Do not make the stitches too long as then they could be pulled out of position. Butt each consecutive stitch to the one before it to create solid patch of color in area to be stitched

Backstitch: Bring the thread through on the stitch line, then take a small backward stitch through the fabric. Bring the needle through again a little in front of the first stitch, take another backward stitch, pushing the needle in at the point where it first came through.

Buttonhole Stitch: Bring the thread out on the lower line, insert the needle in position on the upper line, taking a straight downward stitch with the thread under the point of the needle. Pull the thread up to form a loop and then repeat.

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