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Giulia Manfredini designed and stitched her heart-shaped design, called Justice in our Hearts, as a tribute to all people lost on September 11th in the USA.

Giulia's Instructions for "Justice in our Hearts":

I have used a pre-finished Heart-felt PLL50 of Linens & Lace and the following threads:
Waterlilies: Honey Suckle, Peacock, Spruce, Passion
DMC silver metallic thread 5283.

Candles with silver flames burn in honor of innocent victims.

Pearl and green hearts are in the background.

Pearl bullion-knot roses are stitched on the diagonal lace.

The American flag is on the upper left.

Place and date of the crime are on the upper right.

Psalm 75:10 NCV states:
"He will take all power away from the wicked, but the power of good people will grow."

The Psalm is stitched in green as a symbol of hope.

No one of the chosen colors is too bright or too strong and the piece inspires calm determination to seek justice with God's blessing. What is included in this little project is kept in my heart and the hearts of my husband and my daughter and, I am sure, the same is also shared by many stitchers or needlework lovers like us. This piece will be kept forever in my house to remember the sorrow, but to seek justice, respect and love. We are proud to share this cooperation tribute with you.
Giulia Manfredini