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Spanish Geometrical Tin Cover
by Annemiek Koning of The Needle's Content

This design is a complimentary chart from Annemiek Koning of The Needle's Content, for visitors of The Caron Collection website. It is part of a series of stitching accessories that can be found in the leaflet "Spanish Geometrical Sampler" which will be released at Charlotte 2003.

Fabric: 32 count Lavender Bliss Belfast
Design Area: 38 x 58

Click here for the CHART

Stitching instructions
If you decide to select your own fabric and threads, please bear in mind that it is important that you use 32 count fabric! The design is such that it will fit an Alltoids tin, however if you would use a different count fabric, you won't be able to use it for a tin cover.

Find the center of your fabric and start stitching. All stitching is done with 1 strands of Waterlilies or Soie Cristale. The initials are backstitched with 1 strand of Hyacinth. The outline on the design is NOT to be stitched, it is merely to give you an idea of how to center the design on the tin. Use the provided alphabet to personlize your own tin cover.

For the cording I used 2 yards of Hyacinth Waterlilies. Fold the 2 yard length of silk in half and secure it on a hook in the wall or a key in a door. Tie the other ends and put a pencil in between the threads. Start twisting the pencil clockwise, while keeping the thread taut. Continue twisting until the thread will start twisting by itself. Hang something heavy in the middle (f.e. scissors) and bring both ends towards each other while still keeping the thread taut. Let the thread twist itself. Cut both ends and tie a knot.

Finishing instructions
Once you have finished stitching the tin cover, trace the outside of the tin on a piece of carton and cut the mold about 0.2" smaller than the traced outline. Take your batting and cut it the same size as your carton for the outside. I used two pieces of batting to give it a fuller look. Take mold and center it on the BACK of your stitched piece. Carefully trace the mold on the fabric (I only do the corners). Leaving a _ " seam cut the linen to size. Make little snips in the corners. This will ensure that you can keep the rounded edge to the tin cover. Put your batting on top of your outside carton (I didn't glue it in place) and carefully center your stitched piece over the batting. Put glue to the back of the carton, folding the little snipes in the corners over one by one. Put glue on the top of the tin and place the stitched piece on top. Let this dry for a couple of minutes.
I glued the cording in place as well. Start at the corner of the tin and leave a 1" tail of the cording, Gently lay the cording around the stitched piece and tie a knot where the two tails meet.

Materials courtesy of:

Fabric :

Belfast Lavender Bliss (3609/505)

Norden Crafts
Unit K, 502 Morse Avenue
Schaumburg, IL 60193


Gay Bowles Sales, Inc.
P.O. Box 1060
Janesville, WI 53547

Note from Annemiek: For this chart I used Soie Cristale threads. I must admit this was the first time I used them, but it will definitely not be the last. The solid silks are so wonderful to stitch with and they're the exact same thickness as the Waterlilies. Personally, I think they make a great combination with the Waterlilies used and the beads. The free chart is a tin cover to stay in the theme of monthly designs for 2003. It is inspired by the lay out of Spanish samplers. I love how the bands keep growing and growing. And if you like this design, be sure to check out my Charlotte 2003 release of a Spanish Geometrical Sampler.

Annemiek Koning
The Needle's Content
Plutolaan 523
Groningen, The Netherlands
Phone: 0031 (0) 50 571 97 59
Fax: 0031 (0 50 50 161 48
E mail: info@needlescontent.com
Website http://www.needlescontent.com

© 2003, The Needle's Content - Permission is granted to reproduce for personal use only by Annemiek Koning. These charts cannot be reproduced, electronically or otherwise, or sold without the express written permission of Annemiek Koning. To do so is a violation of the copyright laws).


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