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Special Photo Feature - Learning to Needlepoint

PART I - Special Photo Feature
Variegated Thread Dyeing Class With Lois Caron

PART I I - Special Photo Feature
Variegated Thread Dyeing Class With Lois Caron


Working with Perforated Paper
Dazzle and Delight with Quick Stitched Tags, Cards and Ornaments. By Lois Caron (4)

The Stitched Pieces of Raymond Endicott MD

Holiday Designs Features
Old Friends Revisited and New Friends Made (56)

Patricia Bage of Patricia-Ann Designs (55)

A display of works by designers who have been most inspirational to Giulia Manfredini (54)

Are You Caught in Design Gridlock?
Approaching design from a different angle can make all the difference and can help you unleash your design potential. (1)

An Inside Look at McCall's Needlework
By Judith Carter, Editor of McCall's Needlework (2)

The Early Beginnings of Halloween
A Historical Look at Halloween and Needlework. (3)

Who Doesn't Love a Good Mystery? (Part I of II) German embroidery and cross stitch designer, Martina Weber (50)

The Caron Collection Celebrates Mothers Day
with a Gallery of Designs
- Dedicated to Mothers, ONE and ALL! (51)

Who Doesn't Love a Good Mystery? - Part II (52)

Lucy Tracy's Thimbleart (53)

The 14th Annual

from the Nov./Dec issue of
needlepoint now (47)

Here come the Dolls! Bring on the Dolls!
Dolls and Dollmakers of Totally New and Different Breed! (

Dolls, Dolls, and More Dolls - Part II (49)

Zweigart Fabrics for Needlepoint (42)

Behind the Scenes at The Cross Stitch Festival
Sponsored by Creative Arts and Textiles Show - Part I (43)

Behind the Scenes at The Cross Stitch Festival
Sponsored by Creative Arts and Textiles Show - Part II (44)

Pieces of Eight
How an Almost Undiscovered Design inspired a Movement (45)

Profile of a Dedicated Male Stitcher - John Downing

Introducing a Series of Classes taught by Marilyn Vredevelt
for the new Creative Arts and Textiles Show ­ 2001 (39)

John Karavas - And the Tale of how he was Transformed from a
Man Who Doesn't Stitch into a Man Who Did! (40)

Crazy Quilting - It is Much, Much More than You May Think
The Art of Roxanne Barkofsky (41)

Flowers of Silk and Gold - Four Centuries of Ottoman Embroidery - The Textile Museum (32)

Wichelt Imports - A Name Familiar to Stitcher's Everywhere (34)

Online Pattern Piracy - by Rita Vainius (35)

Online Pattern Piracy - Overview on Copyrights provided by The Yarn Tree (36)

Sampler Fest (28)

How Crewel, by Elizabeth Creeden (29)

Tools of the Trade ­ Anne Powell Ltd. (30)

About Backgrounds - Ginger McTeague (31)

Meet Audrey Alich and Julie Norton (24)

Color for Needleworkers by Mary Shipp, Part I (25)

Color for Needleworkers by Mary Shipp, Part II (26)

Christmas Around the World, Part II (27)

The History of Hardangersom (Hardanger) Part II (20)

Celebrating with Needlework (21)

Christmas in July (22)

More Flower Power (23)

 A Visual and Historical Perspective on "Purses" and "Bags" (16)

Mary Hickmott and Cross Stitch Gallery and New Stitches Magazines (17)

"Flower Power." Interviews with four renowned needlework designers acclaimed for their floral designs, plus examples. (18)

The History of Hardangersom (Hardanger) Part I (19)

All about needlework and Computers by Ann and Kaz Caswell (12)

Developing Your Creative "Side", Part I
by Lois Caron (13)

Sudberry House
An "All in the Family" Enterpprise (14)

Developing Your Creative Side, Part II
by Lois Caron (15)

Thread Information Guide
A comprehensive guide to the CARON collection's variegated hand dyed threads - from how they are dyed to how to use them. (8)

The History of Crazy Quilts (in 2 parts)
Crazy Quilting, that wonderful Victorian pastime is explored in this special 2 part series illustrated with historical photos. (9)

Needlework, Knots and Other Crafts on the High Seas
A historical look at the sailor's pastime of engaging in needlework, knotwork and other handwork while wiling away the long hours at sea. (10)

Joan Toggitt
Pioneer of the Needlework Industry (11)

 Finishing Techniques
For an Open and Lined Mini-Christmas Stocking by Marilynn Arm of Finely Finished Needlepoint (5)

Men in the Fiber Arts
A historical perspective from the Renaissance to the Industrial Revolution (6)

Samplers Through the Ages
A look at the ever popular samplers and how they evolved through the ages. (7)

A Special Tribute to Gayle Bicknell


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