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Hand Dyed Variegated Thread Class With Lois Caron - Photo Feature – Part II

In Part I of Lois Caron's thread class, her young, budding thread dye artisans learned the technique of creating the variegated thread effects that The Caron Collection is known for. In Part II, everyone came back to work to see their finished work, dried and read for the next steps. The dyed skeins and of each of the colors were wound into small skeins and labeled. One of Cynthia's color combination, Tequila Sunrise, will be in The Caron Collection's line of new colors in January, 2010.

Crytsal's work. Shades of cotton candy?

Cory and Lexi get to work on the labels. No automation here!

Lexi's work.Definitely the tye dyed look.

Work is thirsty business!

Making it down the production line. Crytsal put the bar codes on.

Cynthia has a look of satisfaction. A job well done.

On to the next step. The team gets ready to help Maria, wind the thread into skeins.

A happy moment. Crystal shows off her finished work!

Cynthia's Tequila Sunrise color combination, shown (far left) hits the big time. It will be part of The Caron Collection's 2010 lineup.

Lexi beams displaying her threads! Did I really do this?

The team has a lot to be proud of. Lexi wonders - how come mine are all bunched up?

The finished product – Lexi's colors.

The finished product – Cory's colors.

The finished product – Crytsal's colors.

The finished product – Cynthia's colors.

Lots to be proud of and ready to go home with some threads to play with.

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