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Choose from dozens of unique projects to get the kids interested in crafts and stitching.

"Smiley Face" Tag

Colorwheel Picture Frame by Lois Caron

Primitive Folk Art Snowman
Soft Sculpture Project
by Rita Vainius

"God's Eyes - Craft Project

Ornament Gift Tag a Free Patttern from Lois Caron

Sofia's Sachet by Sofia Cornali

Embroidered Potholder Scissors Pouch - by Rita Vainius

Tee Shirt - Designed and Stitched by Anna Mastropolo 

Rachel's Box Part I - by Too Sisters Designs - Carolyn Hotchkiss & Tisha Kuntz Part II

Custom Embellished Tank Top for Baby Kelly - by Anna Mastropolo:

Crazy Patchwork Pocket - Part I and Part II by Rita Vainius

Genius at Work - by Forever in My Heart Designs

Christmas Star Tin, Part I and Part II
by Rita Vainius

Bookworm Buddy by Jennifer Aikman-Smith

Sofia's Mermaid by Sofia Cornali and Giulia Manfredini

Hair Dazzler Band - Knotting

Kids Kount - Beginner Squares - by Forever in my Heart Designs

Springtime Basket filled with Mini Multicolored Eggs by Rita Vainius

"A Very Crewel Bookmark" by Ellen Moore Johnson and Rebekah Johnson

Jaunty First Teddy BearPart I and Part II by Rita Vainius

Kids Project - Spiral Coasters completed by Clarissa and Therese Vainius

Small Treasures Box by Sandra Resnick


Embroidered Denim Pouch, Part I - by Rita Vainius

Embroidered Denim Pouch, Part II - by Rita Vainius

20 Ships, Crescents and Kloster Blocks - another hardanger for kids project from Mary Hickmott's book

A Posy of Pansies made of variegated Watercolours threads ­ created by Rita Vainius

Key West Sunset Bag, designed by Zoe Pischke

A "Star of David" Six Pointed Star

A Palace Guardsman Clothes Pin Doll - designed by Rita Vainius

Fancy Pencil Holder! using Caron thread with a whole new twist

Sampler Bookmark! A needlework project with design and instructions by Rita Vainius

Tri Color Turkey Desk Topper or Centerpiece

SAMPLING SOME STRAIGHT STITCHES excerpted from June McKnights Needlepoint for Kids book...

Ship Ahoy! ­ Our Fabulous String Art Sailboat Wall Sculpture

8 Sunny Pom-Pom Easter Chick- Craft Project

"Friendship Bird" - Yarn Painting

"Alien Creature with Flower Eye Stalks" - Cross Stitch Pattern

 Christmas Ball Tree Ornament - Craft Project

Friendship Bracelet - Macrame

Spider Web Wall Hanging - Craft Project

Pom-Pom Shoelaces - Braiding and Knotting

Hardanger for Kids - from Mary Hickmott's book

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