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Sofia's Sachet
by Sofia Cornali (About Sofia)

Fabric: one piece of Zwiegart Tula 10 cts Beige (10" x 11 1/2"

Threads: one skein each of the following threads:

   Baby's Breath Waterlilies
   Morning Mist Waterlilies

Needle: one tapestry needle size 20/22

Polyester Ribbon or Silk ribbon: one piece 3/4 x 29"

Ceramic Button Collection form Mill Hill : one # 86318 Lavender Butterfly

Stitch count: 110 x 87

Step 1
Cut the piece of Tula of the dimensions given above.

Widthwise, at 6 1/2

inches from the bottom line, unweave some threads to allow the chosen ribbon to be threaded once the stitching is completed.

Step 2
With the sewing machine zig-zag stitch the fabric on the lateral parts and the upper part. Zig-zaf stitch at 1 5/8 inches from the bottom line where the fringes will start.

Step 3
Stitch over two block of Tula threads with six strands of Waterlilies:

 Morning Mist
  Baby's Breath

Start from the bottom line and follow the chart.

Sachet Chart

Alphabet Chart

Step 4
Over one block of Tula threads, cross stitch the initial with six strands of Morning Mist, and the little cross stitches around it with six strands of Baby's Breath following the chart. Choose the initial of your choice from the Alphabet chart.

Step 5
For the two zig-zag lines of darning stitch, near the drawn thread area, cut two pieces of Baby's Breath, long enough to go widthwise from one side to the other.

Use the 12 threads of silk together as they are in the skein.

Do not divide the single threads before stitching.

Following the chart, cross stitch near the zig-zag lines over one block of fabric threads with six strands of Morning Mist.

Step 6
Darn stitch the horizontal line on the top with 12 threads of silk with Morning Mist, keeping the threads together as above.

Step 7
Fold the piece with right sides together and sew the vertical edges. Turn to the right side and fold the sachet in order to have the initial in the center front.

Stitch together the bottom of the sachet following the zig-zag line at 1 5/8 inches (see Step 2).
Then remove the horizontal threads below in order to realize the fringe.

Step 8
Turn the sachet to the wrong side and fold the fabric at the top, right side out, following the folding line on the chart. With small stitches stitch the edge inside, above the drawn thread area for the ribbon.

Step 9
Turn the sachet to the right side and stitch the little Butterfly button using a black piece of cotton or silk thread.

Weave the ribbon in the drawn thread area.

Fill the sachet with polyester fiberfill and place a scented white soap inside the fiberfill. Tie a bow to close your sachet.

This piece started as a kid's project and still remains a piece easily stitched by a child. The final result is indeed so sophisticated and lovely that this piece can get an advanced stitcher to love it.

This Sachet can be realized with other Caron threads but Sofia is too spoiled. Our house is full of silk threads and there was no way to choose less expensive threads. She is a little princess and she wanted silk threads.

With all our love we hope you will enjoy the stiching.

A special thanks to Rita and Lois who invited this little Italian girl to run this wonderful American adventure on the needle-web.

To contact Sofia:
e-mail her at: crnsfo11@hotmail.com

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