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About Sofia Cornali

Sofia Cornali was born on September 2, 1993 and just turned 9. She lives in Massa, Italy, a town near the sea, with sand beaches and high mountains, which during the winter gets a lovely coat of snow. Sofia's dad, Mario Cornali, and her mom, Giulia Manfredini are both doctors. She is just a normal girl of her age who likes to play with dolls; she has two American Girl dolls, five Bratz dolls and a box full of Barbies.

Sofia likes school and also takes classes in Classic Ballet. Besides that she enjoys doing gymnastics, swimming, skiing and roller-skating. Her favorite pet is her little dog, Lilli, who has been her companion for the past 3 years. Sofia's other interests are reading, music and American movies, particularly old musicals. Her favorite books are the Harry Potter series. She subscribes to American Girl Magazine and Club of Baby Sitters. As a fan of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, she has collected lots of their movies. Years ago she liked to craft with ceramic and clay but now she's into beading and hair styling for her dolls and herself.

Like other little girls of her age, she is in a special time of her life with sudden changes, so her taste for clothes, hobbies and interests sometimes switches very quickly, but what has not changed yet is her love for designing. Sofia loves all colors, but is especially partial to shades of violet, lilac and purple. Her designs are very colorful, full of detail, and always express very dynamically her great love for life and human relationships. Years ago she sent one of her drawings to Highlights for Children, which they published.

When Sofia was just 6 years old, she designed and charted a little mermaid with whimsical sea creatures for her mom and Caron web site. Sofia chose the threads and told her mom exactly what to do and which special stitches to use for the piece. The finished result, called Sofia's Mermaid was featured as A Kids' Class and can be see on this website at

Whenever Sofia's mom designs and chooses threads for a new project, Sofia is her "official color advisor." She does not hesitate to reject some skeins if they do not fit her taste. Mom often follows Sofia's advice, since Sofia is almost always right. Not only that, Sofia is asked to give her final approval to mom's needlework pieces. When she likes the piece, the piece is always a success. She is never wrong.

Sofia also designs clothes for her dolls and designed the dress and headgear she wears during the Renaissance Historical Parades that takes place in her town. Mom does all the sewing and assembling and adds all embellishments under Sofia's strict supervision.

Sofia is fully bilingual, speaking and reading both English and Italian. She has made many trips to the States where she has many wonderful friends. Her best friends in USA are Mariah, Elizabeth, Erik and Gerardo. She usually chats with Jerica and Jillian, two sisters living in Tucson, AZ. Along with her parents she has visited Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New Orleans and Arkansas and she has been able to explore the wonderful National Parks of Yellowstone, Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon and Sequoia along with many National and Children Museums. Her favorite amusement Park is Knott's Berry Farm but she also loved Universal Studios and Disneyland in Southern California. Her favorite spots in USA are Fullerton, CA when her parents take her once a year to stay with their beloved friends Sandy and Richard, and Boise, ID were Mariah lives with her family.

Her two greatest wishes would be: to have a little sister and see Mary-Kate and Ashley face to face!!

To contact Sofia:
e-mail her at: crnsfo11@hotmail.com

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