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Variegated Threads and
How to Use Them...
Maria E. Gollek of Manic Designs

By Carole H. Lake &
Michael E. Boren

of StichPlay Designs

Northern Lights
By Linda Lachance

Star of the Sea
By Ilke J M Cochrane

Thread Collector Box by
Jeannette Douglas of Jeannette Douglas Designs



Missoni Bargello Wallet Inset
by Janet Perry, of Napa


Colonial Knot Ring Pillow
by Sandi Lush

Spanish Geometrical Tin Cover
by Annemiek Koning
of The Needle's Content

Bookmark Pattern
by Pam Davenport

Sampler Motif by Marilyn Imblum

Watercolour Stars and Stripes
by Sue Sekas of Sekas & Co.

Stitching Crazy Patch Seams by Betty Pillsbury/Part I


Designed by Karon K. Killian
Of Whiskey Creek Ink

Dru's Piece
by Diane Evans of Something Different

Pattern by Linda Barry

Wildflower Hearts by Catherine Strickler

Hebrew Love Sampler by Alan Greenstein


Aegean Garden
by Gunay F. Uyan


HARDANGER PICNIC CLOTH (Part I) (Part II) (Continuation of August FREE Pattern) - by Rosemary Drysdale

Williamsburg Sampler by Ann Caswell, Beth Robertson and Suzanne Howren


Mosaic (from a series of Elegant Eggs) Jeanne Manley of Quail Run Designs

Tales of Wonder by Jennifer L. Aikman-Smith

Winged Wonder by Tisha Kuntz and Carolyn Hotchkiss


Lenten Rose by Carmen Wyant

Ottoman Medallion by Gail Hendrix

Needlepoint Heart by David McCaskill

Mini Floral Impression by Carolyn Hook

Detail from Territorial T'ing by Janet Fenton


Hula Claus by Deborah Wilson

Crimson Fire Heart Band by Thea Dueck


Heather by Linda Wyszynski's

Orna Willis
Molecules of Fiber

Holly & Berries by Karen Buell Designs


Horizons - a Hardanger embroidery, Part I, taught by Roz Watnemo

Horizons - a Hardanger embroidery, Part II, taught by Roz Watnemo

Pin Pillow by Stephanie Novatski

Boutonnier Holder by Emie Bishop

Snowflake Santa by Libby Sturdy


Matisse's Bouquet by Jean Smith

Xmas Sock by Catherine Reurs

Button Bag by Julie Pischke

English Treasure by Carol Tinson

Sweet Spring by Linda Reeves


Bird in Hand-Oval
by Charland Garvin

by Mary Duckworth

Trail of LIfe by Cassandra Prescott, of Sundance Designs

Misty Day
by Martina Weber of Châtelaine

Spring Sampler by Linda Connors, of Calico Crossroads


Crazy Quilt Treasure Pouch by Judi Kauffman

Online Class by Dawn Lewis, of the Needle's Work

Crazy Quilt Embroidery by Leslie Levison

Boat Doily by Claudia Dutcher

Florentine Needlecase by Sue Kerndt, of Stitching Creations


Using Variegated Threads for Dramatic Effects taught by Lois Caron

Gene's Pumpkin Patch 
by Karen Cohn, of Dandelion

The Olympic Spirit Tree by Jacqueline Meyers

Fun with the Woven Stitch taught by Ann Caswell

A Good Vintage Pin Cushion
By Carol Tinson

About Tony Minieri
Part I Autumnal Scentiment taught by Anthony Minieri

Part II Autumnal Scentiment taught by Anthony Minieri

Part III Autumnal Scentiment taught by Anthony Minieri

Flower Scissors Fob a Class by Designs by Merry Cox

Medina by Helen Cowens of Purple Moon Designs


BONUS CLASS ­ Punch Needle Embroidery Celtic Angel Pin or Pocket Dolls - Designed by Noreen Crone-Findlay

Milano Evening Purse from the Beautiful Bargello DESIGNER Collection by Joyce Petschak of Beautiful Bargello Ltd. 

Border Design taught by Mary D. Shipp of Stitches by Shipp

Damselfly Sampler Class taught by Karen Cohn

Mothers by Virginie Menzildjian

Patriotic Christmas Sock by Lois Caron

Variations on a Design with the Stars and Stripes Xmas Sock by Lois Caron

NOEL by Teri Lyn Richards of Shepherd's Bush

Spring Tobacco Road by Sue Lentz Part I

Winter Tobacco Road
By Sue Lentz (Part I of II)

(Part II of II)


Toasted Teddy Hardanger Hang-Up - Designed and Stitched by Marion Scoular Part I

 Toasted Teddy Hardanger Hang-Up - Designed and Stitched by Marion Scoular Part II

SNOW ANGEL - Designed and Stitiched by Lani Silver

Silken Roses Collar - Designed by Betty Pillsbury

Teneriffe Embroidery taught by Norma Wendt of Idle Time Designs

HIS AND HERS TREES XMAS SOCKS - Designed by Lois Caron

Photo Memory Foundation Pieced Crazy Quilt - by Bonnie Turner  

Dragonfly - Designed and Stitched by Barbara Elmore

The CARON KEEPER - by Cynthia Zittel of The Drawn Thread

Ice Dragon's Kingdom Border Bit - by Nicholas Smith

Ottoman Tulip - by Lois Caron

Something Blue- by Lois Caron

Basic Drawstring Pouch Pattern - by Tanya Ilnicki

Beginning Needlepoint (Part I) by Lois Caron


Sara Pittenger's Ornament Project

Crewel Bouquet by Mary Clubb

Hardanger Bookmark by Julie Norton of J. Designs

Rose Quartz Flower Designed by Emie Bishop

Ellen Johnson's Holiday Sachet Pouch

Amy's Recipe for a Garden Maze Bag - taught by Amy Bunger of Amy's Golden Strand

Hyacinth Hearts Brooch - taught by Susan Albury of Hanging By A Thread

Tulip Trio - taught by Tisha Kuntz and Carolyn Hotchkiss of Too Sisters Designs

Instant Texture with the "Double Straight Cross Stitch" taught by Ann Caswell of Kaz Designs

Six-Pointed Star - an Online Class by Lois Caron

"Dragonfly" Pin Design taught by Kimberly Crum

Christmas Sampler Part I taught by Giulia Manfredini from Masa Italy

Christmas Sampler PART II taught by Giulia Manfredini, from Masa Italy

Crazy Quilt Class taught by Leslie Levison (Part I & II)

Beachcombers Tassel taught by Marcia Brown

Christmas Pin Cushion featuring a "Blanket Stitch Finishing Technique", taught by Rosemary Drysdale

Lois Caron's Optical Color Blending, Part I

Lois Caron's Optical Color Blending, Part II

HOLIDAY SNOW - Designed by Carolyn Mitchell

A Good Vintage Scissors Fob
by Carol Tinson


Allium - by Terri Hazlett

HOLIDAY SNOW - Designed by Carolyn Mitchell

BodiumCastle ­ England
by Ernestine Heythaler
of Victorian Dreams

Stitched Envelope
by Ute Senkel-Weinberg
of Sticken & Staunen

Midnight Garden
By Orna Willis



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