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 WONDER TWIST by Beau Geste:
#162 - 1 skein
#163 - 1 skein
#164 - 1 skein
#8 Fine Braid -9400 - Baby Blue - (2) 10M spools
#8 Fine Braid- 022 - Brown - 3 yards
Blending Filament -021HL - Copper Hi-Lustre - 2 yards
Impressions - 099 - Cocoa - 1 yard
Waterlilies - 068 - Mediterranean - 6 yards
- 001 - Sandstone - 18 yards
- 047 - Camouflage - 18 yards
- 065 - Emerald - 36 yards

 Renaissance Pizazz - #24 - 1 skein

Rainbow Gallery Fyrewerks - F43 - 2 yards
Medici wool - white - 28 yards
Rhapsody overdye - 1 yard
Mini Sea Shells, pre-drilled
Pineapple shaped button
EMBROIDERY FLOSS - (Anchor use 4-ply / DMC use 6-ply):
Flesh - 2 skeins
Pink - 3 yards
Brown - 1 yard



UNLESS OTHERWISE INDICATED, BASKETWEAVE. Wool to be used 3-ply; all other threads single ply.

SHIRT - Utilizing the Neon Pink Wonder Twist for the long stitches and Neon Yellow Wonder Twist for the small cross stitches, execute the Criss-Cross Hungarian with Contrasting Accent stitch.

SHORTS - Execute the Interlocking Gobelin Stitch over the entire shorts area using the Neon Yellow Wonder Twist for the body of the shorts and the Neon Pink Wonder Twist for the hearts.

THONGS - Execute the Single-line Herringbone stitch on the soles of his sandals with purple Fyrewerks then run a full-length stitch from the top of the toes diagonally down to the instep.

WAISTBAND - Execute two lines (top and bottom edges) of Single-line Herringbone stitch with purple Fyrewerks and then a band of Four-trip Herringbone executed in between these two purple lines in the following sequence:

#1 - Purple Fyrewerks #2 - Yellow Wonder Twist

#3 - Pink Wonder Twist #4 - Green Wonder Twist

SUNGLASSES - Vertically Satin stitch the lenses with Purple Fyrewerks then Chain stitch with pink Wonder Twist around the perimeter.

LEAVES - Execute randomly placed Raised Close Herringbone stitches in Neon Green Wonder Twist.

MUSTACHE AND BEARD - Using white, Medici wool, vertically Satin stitch the mustache area three times and the beard area twice. This will give the mustache more "roundth" and the beard the necessary fullness.

GRASS SKIRT - Execute a single line of Turkey Tufting along the lower edges of Santa's right hand, waistband, beard and left hand making each slightly shorter than ankle length. NOTE: If you choose to make the grass skirt longer, one skein of Pizazz may not be enough!

Background Stitch Instructions

Use the photograph provided to place the sand, greenery, palm tree, ocean waters and volcano. We have only indicated enough of these background threads to execute the background as pictured, which measures 6 " wide and 9" high at the highest point. To square off the background of your piece, you made need additional thread.

SAND Use Sandstone Wildflowers to execute the T-Square stitch.

PALM TREE Execute the Criss-Cross Hungarian with Metallic Accent stitch over the trunk area, using 2 ply Camouflage Wildflowers for the large areas and Brown #8 fine, metallic braid for the small, accent cross stitches. Form coconuts by vertically Satin stitching two oval shapes with 6 ply, brown floss. Use 2 ply Emerald Wildflowers to form the palm fronds emanating from the top of the trunk and from behind the coconuts. To do so, Chain stitch the center of each frond then place long, individual stitches emanating outward from the center stem.

GREENERY and OCEAN WATER Both of these areas are formed with horizontally Satin stitched sections of random shape and size. The sections are defined by the shared holes between each section. The ocean is stitched with 4 ply Mediterranean Waterlilies and the greenery with 2 ply Emerald Wildflowers.

VOLCANO Use Cocoa Impressions, placing random Satin stitches roughly following the shape and contour of the sides of a volcano. With 4 ply copper, blending filament, place a few long stitches emanating from the top of the volcano crater to simulate lava flowing down the mountain. Execute several, upside-down, Turkey Tufting Knots with the blending filament to simulate the lava erupting from the top of the crater. To keep some of the plies of blending filament protruding vertically, tack them in place about 1/3 up from the base with a few, tiny stitches.

SKY Execute the T-stitch with fine metallic braid, color 9400

When all of the other stitching on your project is complete, attach the pre-drilled seashells by sewing them in place with any very fine thread of your choice and a beading needle. I also attached the pineapple button in place in his left hand with a length of yellow Wonder Twist secured on the reverse side of the canvas.


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