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Emie Bishop's Boutonnier Holder

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Design: 38W x 58H
28 count 2.7 x 4.36, cut fabric 9 x 10.5
32 count 2.31 x 3.62, cut fabric 8.5 x 9.5
The model was stitched on 28 count cream linen from Wichelt Imports, Inc.

Additional Materials:
Caron Watercolours - Natural
Caron Wildflowers - Natural

Design Notes:
1. Each square on the chart represents two fabric threads.
2. The design contains a variety of needlework techniques including: Algerian Eye, Four-sided, Buttonhole, Kloster, Woven Bar and Dove's Eye

1. Use 1 ply Watercolours Natural to work Klosters, Buttonhole edge and the Four-sided stitch.
2. Use 1 ply Wildflowers Natural for the Algerian Eye stitches.
3. Cut the marked fabric threads.
4. Using 1 ply Wildflowers Natural complete the pattern of Woven Bars and Dove's Eyes.
5. Trim fabric away from the Buttonhole edge. Also trim the fabric threads from the hole in the center.


COPYRIGHT NOTICE: None of these designs or instructions can be reproduced or distributed in any form (including electronic) without the prior written permission of Emie Bishop.


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