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Aegean Garden
by Turquoise Graphics & Designs

Design Size: 61 x 61 stitches
Fabric: 28 count Cream Linen (stitched over 2); this design can also be worked on Aida.

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Symbol Strands Type Number Color
2 Caron Waterlilies 137 Copper
2 Caron Waterlilies 065 Emerald
2 Caron Waterlilies 207 Bermuda Reef
2 DMC 782 Topaz-DK
2 DMC 820 Royal Blue-VY DK
2 DMC 825 Blue-DK
2 DMC 3685 Mauve-DK
2 DMC 3687 Mauve
2 DMC 3689 Mauve-LT
2 DMC 3803 Mauve-MD
Specialty Stitch (used in the corners). Note that each square here represents 2 threads
of linen. Consequently, this stitch can easily be worked on Aida (if you prefer).
Symbol Strands Type Number Color


To get started, mark the center of your fabric, and start stitching from the center of your design. This ensures that the final work will be centered on the fabric. Below are a few photos of the design as I was working on it. You will notice that I worked most (if not all) of the stitches using a single color first, before moving onto the next color. For this particular design, due to its repetitive nature, this method worked best as it helped speed up the stitching process.
When all full stitches were complete, I added the specialty stitches in the corners. Final photo below shows all the other details filled in.
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