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Hebrew Love Sampler

Judaic Valentine Design compliments of Alan Greenstein

Threads used:
Caron Collection: Watercolours - Pistachio Nut
Impressions - 045
DMC: 822, 503, 915

Fabric used:
French Lace Linen from Wichelt

Color Key:
X -
Impressions 045 - Flame
O - DMC 822
3 - Watercolours 007 - Pistachio Nut
W - DMC 503

Stitches used: Cross Stitch and Backstitch
Use 2 ply for all the cross-stitches using DMC thread.
For all Caron threads, use 1 ply only
For backstitch around outside border, use 1 ply DMC 915.
For all other background areas, backstitch using 1 ply of DMC 822.
French Lace Linen from Wichelt - over 2 on 14 ct fabric
Finished size - 134 stitches by 101stitches, 9.6inches x 7.2 inches

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©2001 Alan Greenstein

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