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Too Sisters ­ "Winged Wonder"

A Design for Cross Stitch & Embroidery, also suitable for Charted Needlepoint

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Tisha Kuntz and Carolyn Hotchkiss always enjoy working with fibers from The Caron Collection and feel the wide variety of colors and textures add so much to their designs. "Winged Wonder" is their gift to you -- a bright, bold butterfly worked in a combination of cross-stitch, chain stitch, double cross stitch and satin stitch. It is featured here in a Faux Finish box provided by Sudberry House. This colorful design showcases many types of Caron Collection fibers and there is truly something for everyone in this design, thanks to the interplay of Impressions, Waterlilies, Watercolours and Wildflowers. For those of you who prefer charted needlepoint, the cross stitches can be substituted for tent stitch, with the remaining stitches worked as indicated. Needlepointers are encouraged to use their favorite background stitches to add additional texture and subtle color.


Stitch Count: 70x70

Model Information:
The model was stitched (over two) on 28-count Ivory Lugana (#3270-264) by Zweigart, using Wildflowers, Impressions, Watercolours and Waterlilies from The Caron Collection.

The stitched area measures approximately 5 x 5 inches, stitched over two on 28-count Lugana. If you prefer to try this design on Zweigart's 14-count Aida, the dimensions are the same. Our model is featured in a beautiful Faux Finish box graciously provided by Sudberry House.

Materials Required


A 9x9-inch piece of 28-count Ivory Lugana by Zweigart
(This allows adequate space on all sides of the piece. You may allow more if you desire, depending on how you choose to finish the stitched work.)


Wildflowers from The Caron Collection:

Impressions from The Caron Collection
0020 -- Black

Watercolours from The Caron Collection
Painted Desert

Waterlilies from The Caron Collection


Stitching Materials

The needle of your choice
Laying Tool, if desired
Your choice of a hoop, Q-Snaps or stretcher bars

Preparing to Stitch

You may choose to lightly iron the fabric, to ensure it is as wrinkle-free as possible.
Secure the fabric in the method of your choice (hoop, stretcher bars, Q-Snaps).
You may wish to browse these instructions first, and then "strand out" the fibers needed for this design.



1.) Complete all cross stitches first, as charted, using the following strand parameters:

For Wildflowers fibers, use 1 full thickness.
For Impressions fibers, use 1 full thickness.
For Watercolours fibers, each length should be separated into 3 strands. Please use 1 strand in your needle.
For Waterlilies fibers, lengths should be separated ("stranded out") into 12 strands. Please use 3 strands in your needle.

2.) Complete the chain stitching as follows:

For the upper wing sections, please use six strands of Waterlilies (Sunglow) fiber in your needle.
For the antennae, please use one strand of Impressions (Black) fiber in your needle.

3.) Complete the double cross stitches as follows:

For the body of the butterfly, please use two strands of Impressions (Black) fiber in your needle.
For the border, please use one strand of Wildflowers (#7022) fiber in your needle.

4.) Complete the satin stitches as follows:

For the upper wing areas, please use 1 full thickness strand of Wildflowers (#7022) fiber in your needle.
For the mid-wing areas, please use 6 strands of Waterlilies (Sunglow) fiber in your needle.
For the lower wing areas, please use 1 strand of ("stranded out") Watercolours (Painted Desert) fiber in your needle.


"Winged Wonder" was designed for finishing in a lovely Sudberry House box. You may choose to frame your finished butterfly or finish it as a small pillow. All we ask is that you please have a wonderful time as you stitch, because our goal in designing is for you to have fun!

© 2000 Tisha A. Kuntz & Carolyn A. Hotchkiss, Too Sisters Designs, All Rights Reserved. This project may be reprinted for use in needlework shops, for the express purpose of teaching needlework and promoting The Caron Collection product line. This design may not be kitted or sold.

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