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Hardanger Bookmark
designed by Julie Norton of J. Designs

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Materials Needed:
24ct Congress Cloth cut 3" x 7"
8 yards of Caron Wildflowers - Peach Sherbert
1/8" Satin ribbon cut 12"
#24 Tapestry Needle and Basting thread

Fold the fabric in half lengthwise and finger press. Start at the right edge, stitching over 4 fabric threads - under 4 fabric threads, place the basting stitches in the weave of the fabric crease. Baste the entire length of the fabric. The basting threads will be a constant check point for you when placing the buttonhole edge. NOTE: Arrows represent the center of the design.

Using Caron's Wildflowers form the buttonhole edge over the 4th basting thread from the selvage edge. Count the basting spaces as well as the visible basting thread. After placement of the entire buttonhole edge; form the 2 inner klosterblocks and the eyelets with Caron's Wildflowers. NOTE: The open circles on the chart represents eyelet placement.

Clip and remove the 12 fabric threads at the inner edge of the long klosterblock. Thread the needle with the 12" length of ribbon. (The diagram to the right of the graph has you weaving the ribbon form the bottom of the book mark to the top). Bring the needle up in the first eyelet then stab the needle down in the second eyelet. Pull and adjust the ribbon leaving a tail. The diagram will help you in the "weaving" process. Bring the needle up at the large black bullet placing the needle in-between the klosterblock and the first fabric thread. Stab the needle TIP down at "A" (in-between threads 4 and 5). In a weaving motion and working back towards you....tip the needle up at "B" (in-between threads 2 and 3). Laying the needle over threads 1 and 2 stab the needle tip back down in space with the black bullet. As you are stabbing the needle downward ROTATE the needle back up at "A" and pull the ribbon. You are working 2 fabric threads at a time, advancing 4 fabric threads for each weave.

For additional information on basting and other helpful hints such as the flawless buttonhole edge and the perfect picot, reference Julie's book: Take the Hard out of Hardanger.

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About Julie Norton

Julie has been stitching incessantly for the last six months. Her creative juices are flowing, her mind brimming with designs ideas. She enthuses, "It is hard for my needle to keep up... I have twelve NEW designs that have been inspired by my friends, each hardanger design as unique and fascinating as each of these ladies are." Julie's latest designs will make their debut at the Needlework and Accessories Trade Show in Charlotte, NC this July. She is also hard at work on a new merchandise catalog as well as creating teaching programs. When designing, Julie functions at peak level when she has input from fellow stitchers on new designs. All the ladies mentioned above have expressed ideas for what THEY would look for when purchasing a hardanger design book. The strongest input has been for creating doilies with centers that are not cut and wrapped so that one is able able to place objects on them, without sacrificing intricate wrapping designs. Julie elaborates, "This is what they referred to as a "functional" doily. I tried with each creation to incorporate their favorite stitches....and all requested a lot of triple cable. They all seem to be avid collectors of priceless treasures, be it antique creamers, sugars and teapots to handpainted porcelain eggs. Each is thrilled with her 'namesake' design."

Julie has been experimenting with a variety of fabrics: the new Austrian Hardanger 22ct, 25ct Jobelan and 28ct linens. Fibers of tone on tones in the new designs are in keeping with a traditional look. Her goal with each new piece to create a fresh look and to incorporate flexibility. So far this has been an effective strategy as she maintains, " There are just so many shapes you can create with kloster blocks...I may have chosen the simplicity of a plain wrapped bar, yet the stitch area allows for the stitcher to create their own favorite wrap if they choose - be it picos or an adjoining wrapped bar. So, from beginner to advanced, the structure and design is functional and intriguing to all skill levels." With all this practice, it is no wonder that she has acquired a better understanding of the designing process, but what excites her even more, is to share this experience "hands-on" with those who have the desire to learn the intricate art of Hardanger embroidery.

All in all, Julie has a gut sense of what the future holds, "I feel that I have exciting adventures in store for me....All will come in due time." For more information about Julie Norton and J. Designs see the previous feature in our site archives at


Julie Norton's books are distributed nationally by Nordic Needle and L.C Kramer. She sells wholesale direct to shops across the U.S. Her publications are distributed by Down Under in Australia. She also sells direct to "regular" people. For more information contact her at:

J. Designs, Alternative Hardanger Techniques
P.O. Box 20346, Bloomington, MN 55420
e mail: jnorton737@aol.com

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