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Welcome to this month's class instructed by
Norma Wendt of Idle Time Designs
on Teneriffe Embroidery

Norma Wendt, owner of the needlework shop, Aux-Arcs Creative Pastimes, in Branson, Missouri, has been in the needlework business since 1981. She markets several cross stitch designs under the name of Idle Time Designs. In 1995, she formed a company named Stitchery Branson Style, which distributes nationwide, the patterns and wire stitchery hangers, of local designers and manufacturers. A catalog of these items is available for $3.00 (refundable with the first order), from Stitchery Branson Style, PO Box 2045, Branson West, Mo. 65737

Teneriffe Embroidery Christmas Ornament

Teneriffe is an old form of lace making; this lace was made by weaving around threads secured by pins on a pillow. We are using the same technique, except that we are putting the foundation threads on fabric and then doing the weaving. The end result is exceptionally pretty using the Caron Watercolour threads.

Materials needed for the Christmas Ornament:

7" x 8" piece of fabric - you can use any fabric, but we use Cashel linen
One skein Watercolour thread - for this ornament we used Holiday
One medium Oval Creative Charm - You could substitute an oval cardboard cut to 2 1/4" x 3"
#24 Tapestry needle
Speedle (lace or weaving needle)
Small embroidery hoop

Step 1

On the paper pattern, make a hole at each dot with an awl or large needle.

Step 2

Center the pattern on your fabric and mark through the holes with a water soluble pen.

Step 3

Thread your needle with approximately 24" of one strand of Watercolour thread. (Watercolour thread is 3 ply, so use only one strand throughout.)

Step 4

Place the fabric in the hoop.

Step 5

Make a knot at the end of the thread and come up from the back of the fabric at #1. Go down at #2, up at #3, etc. until all threads have been laid. The needle should be on the back side of the fabric. Make a knot.

Step 6

Thread a new strand of Watercolour thread onto your needle and again make a knot at the end.

Step 7

Bring your needle up on the right side of threads #12 and #13 in the center at C and cross over all the threads and go back down the center close to C. This ties all the threads together before you begin weaving.

Note: Long marks on the pattern, denote sections to be woven. You will need to weave the top section first.

Step 8

Now bring the thread up between threads #5 and # 8, close to center (C)

Step 9

Remove your thread from the tapestry needle and put it on the speedle through both holes.


Begin weaving by going over the #5 thread, under #4, over #1, under #19, over #18, reverse and now weave back to #5. As you weave this section, be sure not to distort the outside threads by pulling too tightly. Also, as you weave, use the speedle to pack the threads down to the center point.


When you have about 1/4" of the outside threads #5 and #18, it is time to decrease. To decrease, stop weaving those two threads and weave the remaining 3 only, until you again have only about 1/4". Remove the speedle and put the thread in the tapestry needle. Take the thread to the back and make a knot.


Weave the bottom section next and the each side section.

To make the ornament, make a paper pattern about 1" larger than the creative charm or your cardboard oval. Center the pattern over the finished piece and cut your fabric. If using creative charm, follow the directions on the back of the package. If using cardboard, run basting or running stitches around the outside of the fabric to make a gathering thread. Center the fabric over your oval cardboard and gather up thread on the back. You can either glue a paper back on the back side, (Christmas paper would be nice), or you could cut another oval cardboard the same size and glue it to the back side. Enjoy!!

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