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Lois Caron's Optical Color Blending Class ­ Part II
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#13 mono canvas 8x10"
# 20 tapestry needle
3 skeins of Soie Cristale or Waterlilies in colors of your choice. Again imitating the primary colors of Cyan, Magenta and Yellow, I've chosen Soie Cristale 7123, 2040 and 4013.

Click here for charts: ------Chart I --------Chart II and Color Legend


This time the segments of color are worked in diamond shapes. I found the most logical working sequence was to start at the top and then work in horizontal rows, filling in the side diamonds and then the center ones to complete the row.

Like the first design, this is intended as an exercise and if I was more organized, I'd put it in a stitch or color notebook, along with leftover samples of the blended threads. If you wish to make something useful, though, you can do a mirror image of the finished shape and make it into a pillow or framed piece. I've done this with the pastel version and added black Impressions around and in between halves of the pattern to set off the colors. The finished size is 7.5" from point to point, requiring a piece of canvas at least 10" square. You'll also need two skeins of each color, but you'll have enough left over for other projects (an ornament or two from Exercise I, perhaps). Note that I've cheated a little when I say "mirror image" J.

You could eliminate the separating row and the duplicate of the longest row of diamonds for a finished piece of needlework approximately 4.5" square ­ a nice size for a box insert.

As a challenge to see how successfully the above experiment could be put to practical use, I took one of my designs, originally published in Stitch World magazine, and restitched it using only three colors of Soie Cristale. Here's what I came up with.

Color Legend:
Color A: 5061, Color B: 6022, Color C: 4015.

Color Legend:
Color A: 5061, Color B: 6022, Color C: 4015

NOTE: I am NOT giving directions for this pattern. It is meant only as an illustration of how the class lesson can be put to work..

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