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Christmas Sampler

by Giulia Manfredini from Massa Italy

Giulia Manfredini was our design contest winners. Here she will take you step-by-step through completing her award winning design.

Since we profiled Giulia, she has been hard at work on a new sampler, dedicated to her daughter, which depicts Sofia with her little dog in their garden. Sofia, now five, expressly requested a pink collar and bow for her dog. Indeed, she actively participated in choosing all the colors which consist of Waterlililies threads employing cross stitch, bullion knot, eyelet, smirna, queen's stitch and a newly invented stitch by Giulia called Sofia's stitch.

Giulia's life continues to be very full with her work, family and hobbies. She asserts: "With the... peace of my family, stitching is for me the easiest way to express my feelings and to try to reproduce beauty in my projects to be kept forever."

Part I of II

STITCH COUNT: 106 x 214

MODEL INFORMATION: The model was stitched with Waterlilies hand-dyed silks from The Caron Collection, DMC metallic embroidery floss and Mill Hill beads on 28-ct french-lace linen.

It measures approximately 7.4" x 15"


Stitch over two threads using two strands of silk except for backstich of the moon and for the stitch on the beads. All stitch diagrams follow the stitch through its progression and show the actual threads of the fabric. The number on the left side of the graph and inside the four sections above and under the two capital letters on the right and left lower corners correspond to SPECIAL STITCHING INSTRUCTIONS, which follow. Everything not specifically mentioned in these instructions should be worked in Cross Stitch (i.e. 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 14 and 17 sections).


1. Beadwork: one strand of Waterlilies, 129, Hint of Mint. Stitch on the beads in random placement.

2. Moon: stitch the moon with two threads of DMC metallic thread 5283. Outline with Backstitch using one thread of Waterlilies, 112, Fir.

3. Fir and reindeer: cross-stitch with two threads as shown by chart symbols.

4. Band: Algerian Eye with two threads of Waterlilies, 129, Hint of Mint. See diagram below.

5. Band: cross-stitch according to chart symbols

6. Band: work CHRISTMAS 1998 in cross stitch according to chart symbols.

For a copy of the chart for Giulia's Christmas Sampler, send $/Euro 2.00 for shipping and handling.

For a copy of the chart and true size color copy of the Sampler, send $/Euro 4.00 for shipping and handling.

For the complete leaflet which includes photo, instructions, chart, true size color copy, chart with numbers and letters to personalize the Sampler, send $/Euro 9.00 (which cover the price of the leaflet plus shipping and handling)
Giulia Manfredini

Via Palestro 16 54100 Massa, Italy


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Giulia Manfredini

If you would like to contact Giulia Manfredini, please e-mail her at jmanfr@tin.it or snail-mail her at Via Palestro 16, 541000 Massa, Italy. She would be delighted to hear from you!

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