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One motif and so many ways to create a design with it. Feast your eyes on the designs of our Contest #3 participants and our first


Meet our newest Design Contest Winner: Giulia Manfredini, MD. Giula lives in Massa, Italy, a town about 30 miles northwest of Pisa, known to most of us for its famous Leaning Tower. Her professional career is as an attending Physician in a Nuclear Medicine Department, with a specialty in Endocrinology. However, as soon as Giullia gets home from work, she switches to what she calls her second life and real occupation as a Busy Beaver - attending to her family (husband, Mario and daughter, Sofia, 4 years old), her home (a lovely old building with exquisite frescos painted on the ceilings), her garden (charming and filled with Camelias), her hobbies (needlework, making doll houses with handmade furniture and decorations, making clothes for her daughter's dolls) and interests (cooking and baking cakes for special occasions, classical music, painting, gardening, reading and travel). If you've always wanted to meet a Renaissance Woman, this is it ­ you need look no further!!

Giulia's winning design, a Sampler with a Christmas theme, was inspired by a particularly memorable Yuletide Holiday this past winter, shared with Mario, Sofia and Giulia's extended family, (parents, 2 sisters and one brother and their families). This design captures and resonates with the trappings and emotions associated with this most special holiday: beauty and peace, family and love, and nature, represented by reindeer, crescent moon, snow and trees.

Giulia refers to the Caron threads as a rainbow on my fingers. She had her husband buy the threads on a trip to California, more than one year ago. Since then Giulia has been waiting for the spirit to move her. Everything came together at Christmas and now those precious memories have been immortalized with needle and thread.

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