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A Design by Linda Lachance, of Northern Pine Designs, for Caron Collection
©2010, Northern Pine Designs.

General information

18 count mono canvas, antique (dark) blue 5" x 5"
Snow - 00 White
Rachel - B24 Plum
Rachel - B32 Emerald

Design Size:
60 x 60 stitches
3.3 x 3.3 inches - allow extra for finishing and framing

Downloadable PDF

General instructions

Stitch the three trees following the stitch diagrams below, and positioning them according to the master graph, using White Snow. Use a fairly long length - 36". To anchor thread to start, do a small pin stitch underneath where the first stitch will go. (Use the first variation with 2 vertical stitches)

Use the Rachel B24 Plum to stitch the top row of the northern lights. Be sure the thread lays flat and does not twist. Use Rachel B32 Green to stitch the second row of lights. The third row shown in the darkest line symbol can be either white or plum.

Couch the white lines of the Snow with a single strand of white sewing thread. Anchor the ends on the back with the sewing thread for added security.



Designer Name: Linda Lachance
Company Name: Northern Pine Designs
Email address: designer@northernpinedesigns.com
Web address: www.northernpinedesigns.com
Phone: (705) 560-2919


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