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Tobacco Road by Sue Lentz

Spring Tobacco Road is one of a series of four making up Tobacco Road designed by Sue Lentz. Others (Summer, Fall and Winter) in the series will follow at a later date. Sue states, "I love the Caron threads. They are very inspirational and the colors are marvelous. I was not familiar with all the fibers, but I am now! I believed I used every one in the four Tobacco designs. That was my goal ­ to use all the Caron fibers." Actually, Sue began Tobacco Road as a single design, but confesses, "One thing lead to another. Pretty soon, that turned into Spring [Tobacco Road], followed by all the others. Have I retired? Well, it seems like I have just switched jobs!"

For more information on Sue and her designs, see this month's Designer Spotlight.

Spring Tobacco Road #1 ­ Base

Stitching Ability: Beginner/Intermediate Multi-Stitch, Multi-Fiber
Approximate Size: 5" x 5" (136 x 136 count)
Suggested Fabric Cut Size: 10" OR 12" square
Fabric: 28 ct. antique White Cashel or Wichelt 28 ct. Antique White Linen
Fibers & Colors: Caron Collection
#036 Waterlilies ­ 1 yard
#6023 Brown Purple Soie Cristale ­ 1 yard
#036 Tobacco Watercolours ­ 3 yards
#036 Tobacco Wildflowers ­ 20 yards
#036 Tobacco Impressions ­ 3 yards (exact)
#169 Moss Impressions ­ 3 yards (exact)
#3006 Melon Soie Cristale ­ 2 yards
#1162 Taupe Brown Soie Cristale ­ 3 yards
# 006 Blue #12 Kreinik Braid OR
#TR88 Royal Blue Treasure Braid by Rainbow Gallery
#B22 Rachel ­ 3 yards
Optional Beads - #2019 Iridescent Crystal Honey Mill Hill Seed Beads ­ approx. 230
Suggested Roller Bar Size: 12"-14" rollers with 10" extenders

Larger Version of Spring Tobacco Road #1

1/4 of this graph is provided following the instructions for the Tobacco Road #1 base.

For this piece I took the diamond shapes, which go north, south, east, and west (see above piece) and created two different motifs and placed them around as a large border. I would use the same #036 Tobacco Impressions for stitching along with a dark gold metallic #4 braid (either Kreinik or Treasure Braid) this time for the heavy lines.

Stitch the filler cross stitches with light gold blending filament or Gliss n Gloss OR
#B22 Rachel.

The outer border repeats the previous one. Stitch it the same as you did the inner one.

Graph below shows entire design. Please see following pages for detailed graphs.

Begin in the center and work out

Open Lines (these lines are shown open ONLY on this graph) ­ 4 strands #036 Tobacco Waterlilies; Satin Stitch ­ please go down at the all corners (obviously) and in the "center" of each line
Thin Solid Lines ­ 3 strands #6023 Brown Purple Soie Cristale; Satin Stitch over 4 threads



Satin Stitching


Continuing out
Bubble Lines ­ 1 strand (untwisted and separated) #036 Tobacco Watercolours; Satin Stitch over 6 threads with Ray Stitch "Ends"
Dashes ­ 1strand #169 Moss Impressions; Satin Stitch over 4 threads with Ray Stitch "Ends"
Thin Solid Lines forming Triangular Shapes (north, south, east, & west) ­ 1 strand #036 Tobacco Impressions; Diagonal Satin Stitching
Lumpy Lines (forming inner square) ­ 3 strands #3006 Melon Soie Cristale; Satin Stitch over 4 threads
Dots ­ 2 strands #036 Tobacco Impressions; Cross Stitch over 2 threads ­ DO NOT try to match up the colors on the threads
Thin Solid Lines with Bubbles - 4 strands #1162 Taupe Brown Soie Cristale; Satin Stitching
Dots ­ 2 strands #036 Tobacco Impressions; Cross Stitch over 2 threads ­ DO NOT try to match up the colors on the threads
Dots (corner areas) ­ 1 strand #036 Tobacco Impressions; Square Rhodes Stitch (below)

Click here for Chart I and Chart II for Bead Replacement

Second Graph ­
Heavy Solid Lines added in this graph ­ 1 strand #006 Blue Kreinik #12 Braid OR 1 strand # T88 Royal Blue Treasure Braid by Rainbow Gallery
Rick-Rack Lines ­ 1 strand #B22 Rachel
Star Stitch Filler (see below) ­ 1 strand #B22 Rachel (go down through the center for #'s 18,20,22,24)

Optional Attachments ­ if you would like to add more sparkle and texture, add beads around the inside border between the "peaks".

One Quarter graph of Tobacco Road #1 ­ Extended.
Also shown is a detail of the border stitching.

Please note: The corner Square Rhodes Stitches of the inner border are stitched with Soie Cristale this time. The outer ones are stitched with Impressions.

Cick here for Chart 2

Sue Lentz
W 12219 Eagle Road
Athelstane, WI 54104 - 9229
Phone: (715) 757-3619
Fax: (715) 757-3300
E-Mail: sln@cybrzn.com

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