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Crewel Bouquet by Mary Clubb

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Crewel Bouquet Materials List

Ground: 10" x 10" linen twill fabric
5" Hoop
Chenille Needles - # 24
Dressmaker Carbon - blue
Thread: Impressions - 1 skein each
1164 - Beige
4012 - Gold
2031 - Roses
2032 - "
2033 - "
7020 - Jades
7022 - "
7024 - "
5011 - Greens
5013 - "



Crewel Bouquet Directions

1. Place a piece of blue dressmaker's carbon paper on right side of linen twill fabric, carbon side down. Place the design on top(centered on the fabric) and trace the design with a sharp pencil.

2. Stitch the edges of the fabric on a sewing machine with a zig-zag stitch or overcast the edge by hand.

3. Numbers on the design pattern correspond with the stitch numbers.

4. The entire design is stitched with Impressions. It is a lovely, soft, silky thread perfectly adapted to the following crewelstitches. Use the palette shown or choose your own colors; the possibilities are great - Impressions provides a large colorrange.

5. The lower right leaf (#1) is stitched in Chain Stitch in greens # 5011 and # 5013. The flower (#1) at the top left is stitched inthree shades of jade, # 7020, # 7022 and # 7024, where indicated (#1).

6. Small flowers at the end of stems are stitched in Detached Chain Stitch using gold # 4012.

7. The petals on the flower at right are stitched in alternate rows of Stem Stitch and Back Stitch. Begin at the tip of the petalsand work towards the center of the flower. The top two petals are stitched in rose # 2033, the two on the sides of the flowerare worked in # 2032 and the bottom petal is stitched with # 2031. ( # 3 & # 4)

8. The large leaf (#5) at the bottom left is stitched in Buttonhole Stitch using the darker green
# 5011.

9. The two small leaves (# 6) below the jade flower are stitched with a Closed Fly Stitch using light green # 5013.

10. The center (# 7) of the flower at the right is filled with French Knots using gold # 4012.

11. All of the stems are worked in Stem Stitch using beige # 1164.

12. The center of the upper left flower (# 8) is filled with Laid Work Open Filling. The long stitches are laid with jade # 7022.After the laid work is completed, the small Cross Stitches are worked with rose # 2032.

13. ENJOY!

Mary Clubb

Click Here for Crewel Bouquet Stitch Diagrams

A Distinguished Crewel Teacher, Designer, Lecturer and Judge

Mary Clubb who is a teacher, designer, lecturer and judge holds certification in Canvaswork from the Valentine Museum. She has been a national faculty member for ANG, EGA, The Greenbrier and Callaway Gardens, as well as EGA regional seminars and ANG and EGA chapters nationwide. She has completed Phase II in Japanese Embroidery and is author of an EGA correspondence course.* Her work has been shown nationally. Her "Log Cabin Tree," the winner of Needlepoint News Silk and Metal contest, 1981, was shown on the cover Nov. - Dec., 1981. She is co-author of several canvaswork books. Her latest publications are "Wild Geese Fly The Gray Scale, "Log Cabin Tree", "Lacquered Leaves" on cover of Needlepoint Now, May, June 1999. "Tapestry Tulips" on cover Needlepoint Retailer, Jan, Feb 1999.

For more information, contact Mary at mclubb@dmv.com


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