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Gene's Pumpkin Patch 
A FREE Pattern Compliments of Karen Cohn, of Dandelion

We are pleased to offer, in conjunction with our special Halloween feature, a pattern for "Gene's Pumpkin Patch", an original design by Karen P. Cohn. of Dandelion.

With an address like her's (Spooks Hill Road), Karen can hardly resist celebrating a holiday like Halloween. She and her family decorate their pond with pumpkins, candles, and herbs (especially wormwood to warn off witches). Gene's Pumpkin Patch was designed for her daughter, who works and studies at Bryn Mawr, and therefore will not be at home to partake in the season's festivities. It was also Gene's idea to use the different rich orange colors in a pumpkin design.


Threads from the Caron Collection:

Wildflowers : Spice #412 Stems, Leaves and Tendrils

Black Forest #814 Wings on small flies, Blueberry #041

Soie Cristale: Black #0020 Spider web and Spider legs and body foundation

Rachel: #B 34 Wings of Blue Bug

Rachelette: #A46 Body of Blue bug

Double Dipped Rachel: #B1006 Body of small flies (3), #B1004 - spider

Rachel: #B18 - Top pumpkin, #B1002 Middle pumpkin

Double Dipped Rachel: #B1202 Bottom pumpkin

3 1/2" x 7" loose weave fabric
3 1/2 x 7" Pellow fleece
5 1/2" x 9" 100% cotton

Assorted fine and large Eye darning

Optional: Twig hanger

Instructions for Gene's Pumpkin Patch

1. Baste even-weave and Pellon fleece together, 1/4" from outside edge.

2. Pumpkins - bullion stitches worked in alternate directions, as indicated by arrows. Begin in center to establish the height.

- Add bullions to either side, adding more wraps than the length of the stitch to make the sides curve.

- If fabric shows through, take straight stitches with Rachel under the bullions. (*)

- Take 2 flat stitches on top of finished pumpkin. Work stem over these stitches.

3. Vine - Work the vine in 2 or 3 rows of stem. Outline stitch to give it some thickness.

4. Tendrils - Work in small chain stitch.

5. Leaves - Five sections of open cretan stitch. Points can be defined with a straight stitch.

6. Blue bug - Spider rose body : make a fly stitch, straight stitch foundation, wrap with Rachelette
- colonial knot head
- lazy daisy wings
- fly stitch antenna
7. Small flies (3)
- colonial knot body
- lazy daisy wings and antenna
8. Spider
- small spider rose body
- colonial knot head
- 8 legs, 3 straight stitches each, fly stitch antenna
9. Web - Establish shape with large fly stitch, add other straight stitches, connect with overcast stitches.

10. Finishing - add a border and frame, or finish as a small quilt, turning the edges of the fabric over to make a self- binding. Select an interesting twig for a hanger. Beginning at the top left, work a chain stitch tendril up over the binding, half-hitch around the twig, wrap to the right, secure with another half-hitch, and finish off the chain tendril down the right side. Don't forget your initials!

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