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Flower Scissors Fob
A Class by Designs by Merry Cox (About Merry Cox)


Materials Needed:

32-count Wichelt linen, Sandstone

Caron Collection Waterlilies Silk:

Warm & Natural Quilt Batting

General Instructions:

Each Square on the Chart represents two linen threads. Use one strand of silk throughout. Stitch a front and a back.

  X  Cross Stitch, Moss
  /  Tent Stitch, over one, Midnight
(name & year)
 Rococo Stitch, Cherry
(this stitch is 4 threads wide x 6 threads high)
   The outside border is worked in Stem Stitch with Midnight

Finishing Instructions:

1. Press.

2. Cut 2 pieces of posterboard and 2 pieces of Warm & Natural Quilt Batting to fit inside the Stem Stitch border area.

3. After trimming seam allowances to one half" beyond the Stem Stitch border, place batting next to needlework (wrong side) and then posterboard on Stem Stitch border. Baste seam allowances in place. Repeat for back.

4. Blind stitch front to back, wrong sides together.

5. Make cording with Midnight and tack to fob along edges, leaving loop at the top for attaching to scissors handle and tails at the bottom.

© 2002 "From Merry's Heart", Designs by Merry Cox, P.O. Box 402, Clovis, CA 93613


About Merry Cox

From Merry's Heart Designs by Merry Cox provided the pattern for the lovely Flower Scissors Fob for this month's Online Class. It was Merry's paternal grandmother who started her stitching at age four. While on a holiday visit, her grandmother took her into town and bought her a child's sterling silver thimble. Merry says, "I, of course, still have the thimble and its original box from the '50's." Art and poetry have profoundly influenced Merry's work. She explains, "Just about every major piece of needlework I design has a poem or quipet that I have written. As I am designing a piece, I also start writing about it. My needlework is so much a part of my being that I like to write a verse that conveys the story or message of that piece." For more on Merry Cox, see her recent Designer Spotlight in our archives at

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