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Instant Texture with the "Double Straight Cross Stitch"
An Online Class by Ann Caswell of Kaz Designs

We're delighted to have Ann back again. Click on the link if you missed her previous class on "Fun with the Woven Stitch".

Presenting our On-Line Class is Ann Caswell, a renowned needlework teacher and lecturer with almost 20 years of experience. Ann's special expertise is threads and she works with over 150 different varieties. Her needlework background is extremely comprehensive having been employed in both the wholesale and retail sectors of the industry. Teaching assignments have spanned needlework shops, suppliers, guilds, trade fairs and consumer shows across North America.

Between 1986 and 1991 Ann was shop manager for the ANG and subsequently served as President from 1994 to 1996. Currently she is on the ANG Correspondence Course Faculty. Her Thread Courses have been part of the curriculum since 1992 and these classes are among the most heavily subscribed. Ann produces all her own instructional materials and teaching manuals as well as completing all graphic design elements and stitch diagrams. She creates original designs to serve as teaching tools which clarify and illustrate thread properties and applications.

Ann's comprehensive teaching strategy with students, ranging from needlework novices to veteran published designers, is to provide a wealth of information on the variety of threads available, elucidating their individual characteristics and demonstrating their use to best effect, singularly or in combination. Her work with retail shops focuses on customizing classes and merchandising techniques to each shop's specific thread inventory and future goals. This includes providing customized projects and teaching aids which can be used by the store for displays and in-house classes for their own clientele.

A relaxed and enthusiastic presentation enables Ann to disseminate a vast body of knowledge while encouraging her students to apply this information according to their individual areas of endeavor.

For more information contact Ann by writing her at 1404 Park Lake Drive, Reston, Va. 20190- 3934 or by e-mail at KazAnn@AOL.com

Double Straight Cross Stitch

The Double Straight Cross Stitch is one of my favorite stitches because it offers so many options and it provides instant texture. It also provides a nice diagonal edge due to the diamond shape. The stitch may be executed in many ways but remember to be consistent so the last stroke of each stitch crosses in the same direction.



Each stitch is composed of a straight cross over 4 canvas or fabric threads with a cross stitch on top which is over 2 threads. A suggested numbering sequence is shown in Figure A, but it may be altered depending on the progression up or down the design. [Bring your needle to the front of the work on the odd numbers and down into the work on the even numbers.]

The stitch may also be worked in two separate journeys for a random color effect, either by using different threads and/or colors, or by using multi- colored threads. A suggested numbering sequence is shown in Figure B, but it may be altered depending on the progression of the stitching. [Each stroke is numbered and an arrow indicates the direction of the stitch.]

The two charts provided with this lesson both use the Double Straight Cross Stitch to define a design. Sudberry Textures is an asymetrical design using coordinating colors of Impressions for a lovely flow of color. Sudberry Textures, stitched with Waterlilies and Kreinik Blending Filament, fits well in a Sudberry ring box to create an elegant keepsake.


Textured Impressions

Design = 74 wide by 64 high
approx. 4 1/4" x 3 1/2" on 18 count

Stitch the project in the order listed below beginning with the hand dyed, multicolored Impressions. The design may be expanded for use on a pillow insert, purse flap, table scarf, etc. Compensate around the edges as necessary. The model was stitched on a 4 1/2" x 3 1/2" prefinished Ultrasuede pouch.

   1 strand Impressions® #036 Tobacco
   1 strand Impressions® #5004 (medium sage green)
   1 strand Impressions® #1115 (light cedar brown)
   2 strands Impressions® #1115 (light cedar brown)


Double Straight Cross

Remember to be consistent so the last stitch in each unit crosses in the same direction.




Sudberry Textures


Design size = 40 x 40
(approx. 2 " square on 24 count)

This version of Textures makes a lovely top for the Sudberry ring box. The model was stitched on soft Congress Cloth with 2 plies of Waterlilies® and 2 strands Kreinik Blending Filament.

   Diamond Rhodes (over 8)

Bring needle up at the odd numbers and down at the even numbers. There are also Diamond Rhodes over 6 which follow a similar numbering sequence.


   Double Straight Cross

Remember to be consistent so the last stitch in each unit crosses in the same


Other Examples of using the Double Straight Cross Stitch


From the Caron Collection's Pinwheel booklet the Double Straight Cross Stitch used in this pin cushion design


From the Caron Collection's new International Style "Sisters" booklet the Double Straight Cross Stitch used as a design element in this figure's dress.

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