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Detail from Territorial T'ing which is an adaptation of an original painting by
Lisa Etre of the Pink Papaya in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

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Canvas - 13 mesh
Metallic Ribbon
Black Tapestry cotton
Watercolours - Clove (# 114), Coral Blush (#053), Mediterranean (# 068), Evergreen (# 121) and Sunglow (#124) or Banana (# 131) for background.
Assorted Beads

Instructions and Stitch Guide:

Face: Work face in basketweave stitch using black tapestry cotton.

Hat: Using 1 ply Watercolours Clove, begin with a row of buttonhole stitches around the outside edge. Use any darning or weaving stitch to fill in remainder of the top part of the hat. For the inside of the hat, stitch two to three rows of outline stitch on bottom edge. Fill in with couched filling pattern. Couch each row as you stitch.

Dress: Stitch with alternating oblong cross stitch using Watercolours Coral Blush, Mediterranean and Evergreen.

Earring: Stitch earring shape with metallic ribbon. Finish earring by working rows of beads over stitched area. Use a variety of colors and sizes, but nothing larger than a 10 degree bead.

Background: Use random long horizontal stitch with 2 ply Watercolours Sunglow to fill in background. If Sunglow is too bright for your taste, substitute 2 ply Watercolours Banana.

Stitch Guide Courtesy of Carolyn Hook of Crewel and Unusual Designs. Territorial T'ing is an adaptation of an original painting by Lisa Etre of the Pink Papaya in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. For more information on Carolyn Hook or to see the entire canvas that this detail is taken from, see our previous designer story on Carolyn at http://www.caron-net.com/designer.html
The entire painted canvas design, "Territorial T'ing," is on page 2 of that story.

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