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Misty Day
Compliments of Martina Weber of Châtelaine

© 1998 Martina Weber/Châtelaine


Materials for "Misty Day"

One piece of naturally dark coloured linen banding, approx. 13" long and 4" wide.

(for example Vaupel & Heilenbeck banding ) with 25 threads per inch

Caron Watercolours # 124 Sunglow

Caron Waterlilies # 124 Sunglow

Kreinik Very Fine Braid # 4 col.: 202 HL

MillHill Glass Treasures # 12214 pink heart

Mill Hill Seed Beads # 275

MillHill Petite Beads # 40557

5 old mother-of-pearl shirt buttons

Click here for CHARTS for Misty Day


Start with the hemming of the upper seam ­ sew the seam as invisibly as possible by only taking one thread from the "right" side ­ so it will not show on the front.

Then carefully count the threads of your linen band to find the center and begin with

Band 1

Start by stitching the buttonhole edge of the Hardanger lace (Band 1) Stitch from the center to the left or right side first, then go to the other side using one strand of the Watercolours . When the buttonhole edge is completed, stitch the Kloster blocks ( groups of five satin stitches over four fabric threads). After this step do the backstitching in gold: Stitch straight stitches over four threads in each indicated free space using Kreinik Braid # 4.


Carefully cut around the bottom edge of the buttonhole stitches with a very sharp pair of scissors.(See chart for dotted line) Leave a little bit of fabric uncut on the left and right side, so you can bend it to the wrong side and tack it down there with tiny stitches for a neat look.

You can now sew on the beads or leave them for the last step ­ important is only that you take a very small beading needle and a thread which mathces the colour of the fabric, preferably a synthetic thread, as it is not as prone to breaking as cotton.Put a small amount of beads on a piece of double sided sticky tape or some corrugated paper ­ so they do not escape so fast.Then stitch the beads on following the chart with a slanted stitch over two threads ­ like a half cross stitch.

Band 2

Now stitch the stars with two strands of Waterlilies silk. Please pull out the single strands first and re-unite them then again ­so you will achieve the best lustre of the stitched silk. Finish each star as you go ­ doing the "+" first and then the "X". Add the beads as you go ­ or leave them till you finish.

Band 3

Stitch straight stitches over four threads with one strand of Watercolours, leaving a free space of four threads between the stitches. Follow the drawing in the chart for placement.

Then thread your needle with the golden braid and, coming from the wrong side wind in a wave-like manner between the stitches of the first and then all following rows.The needle with the golden thread does only go through to the wrong side at each end and beginning of a row.

Band 4

Sew on the old Mother of Pearl buttons, using one strand of Watercolours. Sew a cross in the center of each button, if it has four holes ­ if not use a simple straight stitch.

Band 5

Stitch the satin stitch ornament with three strands of Waterlilies Again strand the plies carefully and reunite them ­ so you will have very smooth stitches where the single strands lie as parallel as possible ­ this gives the real "satin" effect!

Stitch the large golden "X" and the backstitched shapes with the golden braid. Add the beads following the placement on the chart.

Band 6

Stitch rows of straight stitches over four threads, as in Band 3 ­ then add large cross stitches over four threads with the gold braid.

Band 7

Again stitch a row of cross stitches over four threads, but now use Waterlilies silk (two strands)

Band 8

Stitch the cross stitch ornament (separate sheet) using two strands of Waterlilies silk and finishing each cross as you go. Finally add the beads.

Finishing instructions:

Now carefully iron your embroidery with the right side down in a soft towel with medium heat.Sew on the Mill Hill Glass treasure on the indicated place by coming up from the wrong side, going through the heart, stringing on one petite golden bead, going down the hole in the heart and stitching through to the wrong side again. Repeat this sewing through one time for enforced strength.

You can add now a tassel at the bottom center (if you finish this piece as a bell pull) or in the center of the bottom folding edge (if you finish it as a little pouch)

For a pouch fold the piece of linen in a manner that the Hardanger tip will be the flap and the cross stitch ornament is the front side . Sew the sides together with tiny stitches.

To make the tassel wind all remnants of yarn (silk, cotton and gold) around a piece of stiff cardboard (about 3" high). Make this tassel as generous as you like. Pull a thread through the loops at the upper edge of the cardboard and knot tightly. Take the loops from the cardboard and bind tightly together approximately 1/3 inch from the top using a strong thread of your choice. Knot the end and pull it into the tassel with a needle. Cut the loops and trim with a sharp pair of scissors.

As a variation, string on some beads and fasten them at the head of the tassel .

Voilá! - your self stitched treasure is ready now: as a gift or to keep, for a powder compact , a lipstick or handkerchiefs or maybe even for a bride's necessaire ?

I strive to publish my designs without mistakes, however, human and mechanical errors are possible. I invite your comments!

Your Châtelaine

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