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Milano Evening Purse
from the
Beautiful Bargello DESIGNER Collection
by Joyce Petschak
of Beautiful Bargello Ltd.

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Design Specifics:
Design: BBDC 03. MILANO
Size determined by your project
Ability: average

Materials used:
Deluxe canvas: 18 count
Threads: Caron Soie Cristale silk
Needles: tapestry size 20
Coloured Chart: graph design with thread placement

crimson 2001
purple 6010
blue slate 1071
aubergine 6021
black 0020

The beauty of bargello is its incredible flexibility. Because the length of its upright stitch can vary in size, bargello patterns were adapted for large projects, such as the traditional four-poster bed, as well as small personal items. The intricacy of each pattern changed according to the size of the fabric/canvas holes, the length of each stitch, the variation within the design pattern itself. Splendid examples exist in museums, stately homes and private collections - such as entire wall hangings, wing chairs, dining room chairs, bed coverings. Examples from the sixteenth and seventeenth century are well preserved and found both in the United States and in Europe. This type of stitching worked quickly, was usually done in the finest of silks and of wools.

Of all the stitching techniques bargello's dynamic and effective appearance results from both sensitive color combinations and the rhythm of the pattern itself. Using skill and imagination, a surprise can happen when classic bargello patterns are used in an unexpected way. The pattern for the MILANO purse, although traditional in style, has been completely altered for the purposes of creating a Beautiful Bargello DESIGNER COLLECTION purse. The DESIGNER COLLECTION is a completely new kit concept in which the stitched design is returned to Beautiful Bargello to be made up in Italy, as seen in the photograph, with a black leather back and black beads.

NOTE: Click on each section to print out the chart in pieces.

. Although the MILANO design was created as an evening purse, it is possible to adapt the design for your personal projects, extending the height and width of the pattern to your desired size.
. First select a piece of 18 hole canvas (Zweigart Deluxe preferred) to your chosen size and bind the edges with tape.
. The colour of the canvas needs to be similar to the threads selected. Here BBC 03 uses a black canvas, while BBC 03b uses a deep blue canvas. However, an ecru canvas can be sprayed with waterproof acrylic paint for a similar effect.
. Leave a margin of at least 2" of canvas around your desired size.
. As shown in the Beautiful Bargello MILANO chart begin stitching from the centre of the canvas, following the section outlined by the yellow box, to establish the pattern..
. Next stitch the side pattern, repeating basic pattern marked by the red box, to the height and width foryour desired personal project.
. Being stitched with an upright stitch, bargello does not require wet blocking as your canvas will not distort.
. When your stitching is completed, do not wet the finished piece as this will dull the sheen of the silk threads. If desired a steam iron may be used on the back only.

The Milano Purse Design is available from Beautiful Bargello as a kit in two different colorways. For more information, contact:

Joyce Petschek
Beautiful Bargello, Ltd.
Leandown House, 7 Nestles Avenue
Hayes, Middlesex UB3 4SA
Phone: + 44 208 756 1080
Fax: + 44 208 756 1090
E mail: bb@bargelloUK.com
Website: http://www.bargelloUK.com

About Joyce Petschak

For many years Joyce Petschak's interest has been the different aspects of colour, especially the emotional, psychological and spiritual meaning of colour. This subject in 1997 became the text of her third published book Beautiful Bargello. In her dynamic, yet subtle colour palette Joyce employs every colour, but very seldom white. Strange colour combinations appeal to her, with tonalities always harmonizing.

Joyce's style continues to evolve. She remains intrigued by both simple and complex patterns, always using a variety of fibres for their colour and texture. This past January, her company began something new, the BARGELLO PATCHWORK CLUB. Joyce wanted to encourage stitchers to learn the BARGELLO technique. Each month she designs a new pattern often with threads, coming from all over the world and the club is gathering enthusiastic new members each day! Joyce says, "I just love it! It permits me to be experimental on a small scale, very adventurous. But I always remain aware that these colour combinations must later work as a whole - when members make them into cushions, handbags, wall hangings. The challenge of variety appeals to me. This new style feels like 'sketches' and who knows 'what' comes next!"

Joyce also started a very exquisite DESIGNER'S COLLECTION, where the completed stitched pieces are custom finished as leather handbags and belts in Italy. Specific designs belong to this Designer's Collection only, including which the Milano Purse, presented as Joyce's Online Class.

Joyce Petschek
Beautiful Bargello, Ltd.
Leandown House, 7 Nestles Avenue
Hayes, Middlesex UB3 4SA
Phone: + 44 208 756 1080
Fax: + 44 208 756 1090
E mail: bb@bargelloUK.com
Website: http://www.bargelloUK.com

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