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Designed by Lois Caron

Following is a basic design which can be easily altered in appearance several ways:
1. by changing colors
2. by changing threads
3. by changing the filling pattern in part of the design

Here are two variations. Try others on your own.


His Version Her Version

8x10" 14ct Lincoln from Zweigart 8x10" 14 ct Lincoln from Zweigart
#20 & 22 tapestry needles #22 tapestry needle
1 skein each Wildflowers 1 skein each Impressions
032 Passion
---7005 Blue
083 Pine Forest 135 Adobe
1 card Antica, AT 7. Copper 1 10 yd card Candlelight, D15, Aqua


Optional:Print out the full sized outline of the Xmas sock which follows. Center it under your fabric, making sure that you line up the top edge of the stocking with a single horizontal fabric thread. With a permanent fine line pen, lightly trace the outline of the Xmas sock on your fabric. This will save a lot of counting. Begin stitching at the upper edge of the stocking and work the design to the outlines. This may mean that you will have more or fewer stitches than shown on the diagram and shouldn't be a cause for worry.

Click here for Xmas Sock Outline

If you prefer to work directly from the chart, mark the center of the fabric. Count the number of threads to your starting point. Please note that the outline shown on the chart is not to be stitched. It is a guideline only to help in placing your stitches.

Mount the fabric on a frame or hoop. I like to use stretcher strips, available at art stores, so I can see the entire working area at one time.


Work the smaller borders of the cuff entirely in cross stitch, using the threads and colors indicated in the chart of your choice. If you prefer, substitute your own choice of colors and threads. For added interest, you can stitch the leaves in Detached Chain, as we've done in the His version.



Diagram 2



Hint: Rather than stitching the berries in horizontal rows, try working them in a spiral for a better effect.

Work the Upright Crosses in the large band of the cuff with the appropriate metallic. If you're using Antica, it is easier to stitch with if a needle with a larger eye than usual is used.

Stitch the stylized pine trees in cross stitch, per Chart I, using the main color of Wildflowers or Impressions.

Stitch the "ornaments" on the trees. For HIS use Passion Wildflowers. For HERS use the Candlelight. Note that the placement of the ornaments is different on each stocking.

The "trees" which fill in the remaining spaces are different in each design. See the charts below.

For HIS, oblong cross stitches are worked down the center of the space and the branches are formed with diagonal satin stitches spaced according to the chart. These diagonal stitches can be replaced with cross stitches worked in diagonal rows if you prefer. On our model we've used Passion Wildflowers and Copper Antica in alternating diagonal bands (see photo of finished piece).

Click here for Chart II

   Diagram 5

For HERS, cross stitches are used and are worked in zigzag rows to simulate drooping branches

Click here for Chart II


Make a full lining and backing (see instructions). Assemble and trim with cord made from the leftover threads. Add a tassel if desired.


Here are some additional ideas for fillings. Experiment with your own ideas.

Click here for Chart III

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