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Original design by Diane O'Leary, stitched by Cassandra Prescott, stitch plan by Nandra Hotchkiss

Enlarge outline to 6 x 10 inches.


Materials Needed:

One Skein of Each - Fiesta, Burnt Toast, Marigold, Black Cherry, Orange Blossom, Mocha Rose, Clove
Kreinik Metallic:
One Spool of Each size 8 braid - 013, 021, 027, 042, 080HL, 193, 212, 271,
DMC Floss:
One Skein of Each - 597, 3808, 3809, 3810, 3830,
3778, 3779, 3774,
DMC Medici:
One Skein of Each - 8111, 8164, 8166, 8168,
DMC Pearl Cotton Size 8
One Ball on #310
Splendor Silk:
One Card of Each - S934, S935, S936, S937
Elegance Silk:
One Card of Each - E800, E899, E900

One piece 10 x 14 inch 18 mesh mono canvas on stretcher bars if possible.


1. Stitch all the black lines in black pearl cotton in Tent Stitch (Continental ro Basksetweave.)

2. Using Watercolour-Fiesta, Medici 8168, and Kreinik metallic 027, stitch as diagramed. I do not have a name for this stitch. It came from Ginny Morrowís Nova book and I will use it throught this guide with direction changes. I did the byzantine (stairstep) rows first going diagonally from top right to bottom left. Then stitch the alternating mosaic stitches in metallic and wool.

3. This time the stitch is done vertically with marigold Watercolour, #021 Kreinik metallic, and 8166 Medici. Do as illustrated starting with the Watercolour and filling in with the metallic and wool.

4. This is a repeat of #1 except you will change the direction of the stitch to top left to bottom drjight. Use Burnt Toast Watercolour, #013 Kreinik metallic, and #8164 Medici.

5. Repeat #4 but use Orange Blossom Watercolour, #212 Kreinik metallic and #8111 Medici.

6. Stitch direction is like #1. Use Black Cherry Watercolour, #080HL Garnet metallic and Splendor Silk S937 Deep Violet. Splendor comes in a strand composed of three 4ply strands twisted together.
Use one 4ply strand. I have discovered that this wonderful silk does not need to be separated (stripped) prior to use if you use a laying tool as you work.

7. Use same direction as #3 with Mocha Rose Watercolour, #042 Confetti Fuchsia metallic, and S936 Splendor.

8. Repeat stitch direction of #4 & 5 using Clove Watercolours, #271 Plum metallic, and S935 Splendor.

9. Same stitch direction as #8 using Morning Mist Watercoloudr, #193 Pale Mauve metallic and S934 Splendor.

10, 11, 12, & 13. Four different shades of a teal floss are used in a vertical long stitch for the stripe. Each uses 3 plies. Strip the floss (or separate the individual plies and put back together again). As you stitch, lay the threads with a laying tool to make sure the threads lay side by side rather than being twisted around one another. For #10, use DMC floss # 597, #11 - #3810, #12 - 3809, /#13 - 3808. Please note that the stripe is in two separate places.

14, 15, 16, & 17. Using four colors of floss and 5 plies, stitch in padded vertical long stitches. This is where I learned to do padding by just doing the same stitch twice. In other words, I stitched the entire area and then I simply stitched it again! I recommend doing this for this area as the traditional way of laying in horizontal stitches for padding wonít work here.

Background: Using three shades of Elegance, a twisted silk, do Random Scotch. Use the lightest color on the left with the darkest to the right. This is a very effective background but scarey to do. All I can say is just experiment! It will work! Ramdom Scotch is combining different sizes of Scotch stitches and filling in around them with cashmeir or mosaic stitches. Iíve illustrated several sizes of these stitches to give you an idea.

Permission granted for shops and guilds to photocopy for free distribution only.


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