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A Special Offering

Variations on a Design --
Starting with the Stars and Stripes Xmas Sock
a previous free pattern, we've experimented
with simple changes to come up with two new patterns.

(Design by Lois Caron using newly expanded Rachelette Thread Collection)

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 Variation #1

 Variation #2

 Variation #1
 Cuff, keep the same number of rows (5 rows, each over 4 threads), but instead of vertical satin stitches, substitute wheat stitches. Fill the spaces between groups with upright cross. If you wish a vertically striped effect, line the stitches up directly beneath one another. The illustration below shows the rows slightly offset to give a more assymetrical look.  


 Body of Stocking: change the white "stars" in the Stars and Stripes pattern
­­­­­­­­­  Make all layers of the stitch the same or use two or more different threads and or colors.

Treat the background in two parts. For the stitches betwen the "stars", convert the Smyrna cross variations into eyelets.
The remaining background area can be filled in a number of ways. We've chosen to maintain continuity by using eyelets, but becasue the available space is different, we've reconfigured the stitch placement and size.



This design lends itself to a variety of Caron collection threads. The model is stitched with the following:

Soie Cristale, 2001: wheat stitches in cuff and second layer of Smyrna cross stars (black on chart)
Rachelellete, A141: first and last layer of Smyrna cross stars (black on chart)
Impressions, 118 Opal: eyelet stitches between the Smyrna crosses (yellow on chart)
Snow, N06 Cedar Green: upright crosses in cuff and backgrond eyelets (gray on chart)
The inset shows the pattern worked with Rachelette, A141, for the upright crosses in the cuff and the Smyrna crosses. Everything else is stitched with Waterlilies, 118 Opal.

Variation #2
Cuff: keep the same number of rows (5 rows, each over 4 threads), but instead of vertical satin stitches, substitute a version of Reversed Scotch stitch.

Body of Stocking: move the white "stars" closer, leaving only 4 threads between instead of eight. Keep the original stitch configuration.

Lay diagonal threads between the stars and couch as shown below. The thin black lines are Step 1, the gray upright crosses are Step 2, and the thick black lines are Step 3.


This design also can be completed in any variety of Caron Collection threads. The model stitched with Rachelette, A169 for the stars and Snow, N01 Gold, for the cuff and couching.

Stocking Outline:

Trace the following outline onto your canvas or fabric. An 18 or 20 count will work best. The height of the Christmas sock should be about 5.5" to 6". If the outline does not print out to the correct size on your printer, make the necessary adjustments on a copy machine with an enlargement/reduction feature.

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