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from a Series of Elegant Eggs

General Instructions

Read through the entire stitching instructions section before beginning to stitch. The numbers on the instructions correspond to the numbers on the canvas outline and the figures showing the stitch details on the first page of charts and diagrams to be printed out.

Secure the canvas to stretcher bars. Print out the page showing the Egg Outline and Materials needed. Trace the egg outline on the canvas using a Nepo Canvas Marker. Measure or count and then mark the center of the design at the top and bottom of the egg (see arrows on the egg outline).

Use a laying tool when stitching with Neon Rays or Floss.


Stitching Instructions

1. At the top center of the egg, count down 26 threads of the canvas. On this canvas row, move all the way to the left of the egg outline. This is the starting point for the stitch in Figure 1 (on first page of diagrams to print out). Fill Area # 1 on the map, using Neon Rays (N35).

2. All Areas marked # 2 on the map (three large diamonds) are filled with the Diamond Pavilion stitch using a single strand of Watercolours, Tropic Seas. Each large diamond area contains four diagonal rows of the stitch pattern (best seen on the photo image of the completed egg). See Figure 2 on first page of diagrams. Center the diamonds below the first row of stitches by counting to find the center of the design, then starting the center diamond in the middle of the Diamond Pavilion stitch. Place an equal number of stitches on each side of the center to make sure the egg will be symmetrical when complete.

3. Both #3 Areas are filled with the same stitch as in Area # 1 using Neon Rays (N35). The top of the stitches in Area # 3 will share holes with the bottom of the diamond patterns. There are four open rows of canvas (Area # 4) between the two # 3 Areas.

4. Area # 4 is filled with two rows of Mosaic Stitch shown in Figure 4 on first page of diagrams. Use 4 strands of Floss (DMC 3760).

5. Fill in around all the large diamonds (# 5a on the map, on the 2nd page of diagrams to print out) with vertical long stitches in the "stairstep" pattern shown in Figure 5a. The long stitches are over four rows of canvas. Use five strands of Floss (DMC 553). Separate the strands, then put back together; use a laying tool for nice smooth stitches. Repeat the long stitch pattern shown in Figure 5a to fill the "V-shaped" Area 5b at the very top of the egg. Use five strands of Floss (DMC 3760) and make sure the center of the "V" is centered on the diamond directly below it.

6. Fill in Area #6 with the stitch shown in Figure 6 on the 2nd page of diagrams. This area will look better if you turn the canvas upside down and start the first row so it shares canvas holes with the long stitches in Area # 1. Use Watercolours, Tropic Seas, for the "X's" and the Balger Braid (044) for the "+'s."

7. Fill in Area # 7 with the stitch shown in Figure 7a on the 2nd page of diagrams, using Watercolours, Tropic Seas. Stitch five diagonal long stitches (over 4) in a vertical line first, covering the back of the canvas by "wrapping" the stitches to get to the next row. Then go on to the next set of five stitches without carrying the fiber across the open areas left by the stitch pattern. The open areas are filled in with the "triple cross" pattern shown in Figure 7b, using Neon Rays (N35). It doesn't matter which sequence you use to place the stitches of the cross, but be sure to always use the same sequence so the final stitch is going the same direction on all crosses.

8. Outline the Diamond Pavilion pattern of Area # 2 using Balger Braid (044). See light lines on Figure 2 on first page of diagrams.

9. Outline Chevron Pattern in Area 5b with Balger Braid (044). See light lines on Figure 5b on 2nd page of diagrams.

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