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Stephanie Novatski 's

"Pin Pillow"
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Handanger Pin Pillow Fabric: White Jobelan 25 count

Fibers: Caron Wildflowers Dawn Caron Watercolors Dawn

Directions: Kloster Blocks (indicated on the chart by Black) :Work Kloster blocks in Watercolors. Work Algerian eyes pulling to open centers in Wildflowers where indicated in Red. Work four sided stitch in Watercolors where shown in yellow. (This can be pulled or not.) When all the Kloster blocks, Algerian Eyes, and four-sided stitches have been worked, cut the threads there indicated on the chart by a solid purple line. You should be cutting four, leaving four. Needle weave center area with Wildflowers, putting a doves eye in the center of each needlewoven square (see picture). Wrap remaining areas with Wildflowers. Work buttonhole stitch using Watercolours where indicated in green on the chart. Cut fabric away from outside of buttonhole stitch leaving a square piece bordered by the Buttonhole stitch. Construct a pillow the same size as the finished piece from off white moire taffeta. Stuff. Fasten Hardanger piece to top of pillow around the edges either by hand or machine around the bottom of the button hole stitch. Securely Fasten a large white pearl (or any button of choice) in the center of the pillow, stitching through all layers to the back and pulling tightly.

Note: For specific stitich instructions, please refer to Part I of Roz Watnemo's April 1999 online class.


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