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Rose Quartz Flower
Designed by Emie Bishop

One of Emie Bishop's greatest joys is nurturing each new design idea through the many steps involved in transforming it from an intangible creative concept into a visual and tactile aesthetic composition. One of many a needleworker's greatest joys is discovering a new Cross 'N Patch design and stitching it!

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Model as shown: 32 count Vintage linen (Wichelt)
Design area: 56 x 56

Materials List:

Fabric : 32 count Vintage linen (Wichelt) 3" x3"
28 count linen (Wichelt) 4" x 4"


Caron Collection Rose Quartz Wildflowers
DMC Floss:

3051 Dark Green
3052 Medium Green
3053 Light Green
315 Dark Rose
316 Medium Light Rose
3726 Medium Dark Rose
778 Light Rose


Design Notes:

1. Each square on the chart represents two fabric threads.

2. Refer to the stitch illustrations for the method of working the stitch. Follow the chart for the dimension and placement of each stitch. Please note a change of scale when referring to the stitch illuistrations. They are shown as they are worked over a single fabric thread.


1. Using Rose Quartz Wildflowers, complete all Satin stitches and the center Enlarged Kloster Square. Work the Satin stitches so that the color of the Rose Quartz is continuous.

2. Cut and remove the marked fabric threads of the Enlarged Kloster Square. Using Rose Quartz Wildflowers, complete the Connected Wrapped Bars. 3. Using two strands of floss, complete the Cross stitches.


Connected Wrapped Bar: Wrap two fabric thereads from the Kloster to the center. Weave from the completed bar to the two threads of the unwrapped bar. Weave three complete weaves between the two bars. Wrap the rest of the bar.

Satin: Bring the needle up at 1 and down at 2. The stitch length may vary. Refer to the chart.

Enlarged Kloster Square: Work in Satin Stitches with one stitch placed between each fabric thread. The stitch length varies.

Rhodes: Begin by coming up at 1 and down at 2. Continue by following the sequence of numbers.

About Emie Bishop

Emie's New Book

Emie, an internationally acclaimed designer and teacher, presents a new Cross 'N Patch exclusive - Rose Quartz Flower. We are also treated to the debut of her latest publication, First Steps in Hardanger, which instructs and illustrates in a very user-friendly manner how to get started on Hardanger embroidery. This 32 page book, displaying many designs in full color, includes a variety of projects for the beginner, as well as the intermediate stitcher in search of a quick project. It even has a complete and very aptly named reference section entitled "Oops, Ouch, and Repairing."

When Emie was featured in our Designer Spotlight last June, she and her husband were in the process of building a cabin on Bear Lake as a rustic retreat for themselves and their ever growing clan. She is delighted to report that this project is now almost complete, requiring only some finishing touches and landscaping. The retreat was "broken in" with a Thanksgiving family gathering replete with all the usual trimmings along with a blazing fire and lots of games. Emie's decorating scheme includes many samplers and quilts and above the desk, hangs her first published design, featuring a sentiment which rings ever true, "The ornaments of a home are the friends who frequent it."

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