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Dru's Piece
A FREE Pattern Compliments of Diane Evans of Something Different
(Click on the chart below for a full size chart you can print out.)

This month's free pattern is more challenging for the experienced stitcher.

If you are a beginner, do not despair! Do one step at a time, following the instructions carefully . If you can do cross stitch and half cross stitch, you will find this pattern is much easier to execute than it looks.


7x7" #18 mono canvas
#22, 24 & 26 tapestry needles
2 pairs 7" stretcher bars plus tacks
Threads: one skein each in colors that blend well together
Impressions (50% wool, 50% silk) -- purple lines on chart
Wildflowers (fine cotton about the weight of flower thread) -- black lines on chart
Rachel (a tubular nylon thread) -- yellow lines on chart
Soie Cristale (12-ply silk) -- green lines on chart


2 3/8 x 2 3/8", 42 x 42 threads


Mark center of canvas and mount on stretcher bars with tacks.
Starting point will be at the upper 1eft corner -- 1 1/4" up and to the left of center
NOTE: One thread of the chart is one thread of the canvas. The squares are the holes in the canvas.


With one strand of Impressions work a square 13 x 13 threads in continental stitch (half-cross over one thread).

On top of the continental stitches place four cross stitches over two threads and a Smyrna cross (Diagram 1) over five threads as diagrammed using one strand of Wildflowers.

Work slanted satin stitches around the square you have just created. Use Rachel, being careful not to "catch" it as you stitch. To prevent raveling rice paste the tips of the thread. It is safe and will not hurt the thread or fabric.

With two plies of Soie Cristale, place a cross stitch over the Rachel at the corner.

Then complete three Smyrna cross variations (Diagram 2) along each of two sides of the square with one strand of Wildflowers in the needle.

The adjacent stitches are done in two stages using 2 plies of Soie Cristale. The dotted lines are the bottom layer; the solid lines are the top layer.

Surround the motif on two sides with Rice Stitch (Diagram 3) over 4 threads. Use 2 plies of Soie Cristale. Notice when you complete these two rows that one corner "block" will be empty.

Square off the design again by working slanted satin stitches around two sides, filling in the empty block with longer stitches.

Then complete a giant Rice Stitch on top of the Rachel. Go over 8 threads using Wildflowers to make the bottom as well as the top stitches.

The next row is long-armed cross (Diagram 4) with one strand of Wildflowers.

Double cross (Diagram 5) with 2 plies of Waterlilies makes the next row, followed by another border of long-armed cross in Wildflowers.

In the lower right corner, you will again fill in with continental stitch using two strands of Soie Cristale.

Decorate this base with one strand of Rachel. Twist the thread in your needle into a tight cord, but let it relax as you lay the diagonal stitches.With Wildflowers, tie the bundle of Rachel by coming up at "A" and scooping around the Rachel threads only -- do not disturb the silk stitches. Draw the Rachel threads gently together and go down at "B". Notice that this tie-down is not centered, so you will create an attractive assymetrical motif.

Finish off your piece with a narrow satin stitch border worked with one strand of Rachel. Follow the chart carefully as stitch direction changes on each side.

If you enjoyed this pattern, there is more to it! It is currently under construction and will soon be published as one of Diane's charted designs. Watch for it at your favorite needlework shop or contact Diane directly for details.

(Permission to reproduce this has been granted by Diane Evans of Something Different for personal use only. These charts cannot be reproduced, electronically or otherwise, or sold without the express written permission of Something Different.)




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