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Diane Evans started her needlework odyssey in 1983 at a time when patterns for needlework in the U.S where few and far between. Quite by chance, she heard about some patterns from Scandinavia, sent for them and started working on hardanger. Using her imagination and doodling designs on graph paper, she created a series of Christmas ornaments and other designs. She serendipitously brought these to a luncheon where she was met with a very enthusiastic response. Her designs became an immediate hit and this encouraged her to keep creating more unique items. Friends and acquaintances regularly began requesting that she stitch a favorite saying or design a custom motif for them. Her hobby evolved into a business. European patterns and booklets continued to be a source of inspiration, (especially those available from the Danish Handcraft Guild) but she developed her own unique style.

"(Diane) insists that she does not do pictures, but rather textures, using a variety of threads in such a way as to highlight the innate characteristics of each strand."

Diane, who is completely self-taught, insists that she does not do pictures, but rather textures, using a variety of threads in such a way as to highlight the innate characteristics of each strand. She will often work with threads that are very different in texture ,but close in color shade and hue, relying on the textures to create depth and contrast. Counting the canvas is much preferred to painting it, as she feels it gives her more freedom for experimentation. and expression.. She frequently develops new stitches just to show off the nuances of a particular thread. Sometimes, the fabric which is used will determine the design motif. At other times, she will begin with a simple idea and let the pattern evolve as she works on it.In this sense the "work in progress" takes on an organic life of its own. Her favorite themes are geometric and contemporary in style.

Diane takes an innovative approach to naming her designs, she names them after people. The sample shown, "Dru's Piece", is named for her daughter. Similarly other works bear the names of other individuals, but that is where the symbolism ends.

Dru's Piece, to the left, is a portion derived from a larger, irregularly shaped piece which also contains a pattern of waterlilies. The overall effect of this composition is one of airiness and light. The threads used in its execution are Impressions, Wildflowers, Rachel and Soie Cristale. (Click on the pattern to the left for the FREE CHART and instructions page you can print out, compliments of Diane Evans and the CARON collection.)

Daine teaches through the EGA and ANG Guilds and at any shop that proffers her an invitation. Among the shows she exhibits at are The Spirit of the Cross stitch Festival and the I Love Needlework Fair. Her patterns are available to the trade through her distributor, Norden Craft located in Illinois. She prefers that individuals purchase her designs through shops, but will also sell directly by mail or phone order. You can contact her at Something Different, 2817 Kennedy Road, Wilmington, DE 19810 or at (302) 478-4895.

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