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About Anthony Minieri
Designer of the AUTUMNAL SCENTIMENT class

Tony Minieri is an extraordinary needlework designer and teacher who writes a continuing feature called "Adventures in Embellishment" in every issue of needlepoint now. Not only is Tony a talented designer and a popular teacher who travels all over the country to teach classes, but he is also an expert at interpreting the painted canvas.

Anthony Minieri was formerly educated at the Stevens Institute of Technology and is affiliated with ANG, NETA, EGA and NAN. His needlework education includes the National Seminar, Callaway School of Needlearts, ANG and EGA workshops and Level 1 Certification (NAN). He has taught at Callaway for several years, TNNA, ANG and EGA chapters, New England Regional (1994), Canadian National (1995) and at local shops. His accomplishments include commercial designs through Brite Ideas and for Lois Caron and the production of stitch and thread guides for Sunrunner and Renaissance Designs.

Tony is currently ensconced as "the Headmaster" at The Edwardian Needle in Bloomfield, NJ. The first quarter of 2003 promises to be an exciting time there as Tony will be teaching a brand new class and his incredible "Fan Bearer." For more information on his schedule go to The Edwardian Needle Website at:

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First presented in needlepoint now's very first offering, the Premier Issue Volume 1, Number 1 (March/April 1999), Tony's Minieri's Persian Tile is a delightful geometric design. For Tony's Free Magazine Pattern featured in needlepoint now magazine go to http://www.caron-net.com/june01files/juno1mag.html

For more information on Anthony Minieri Designs and Tony's teaching itinerary contact him at:

Address: 43 Walton St., Paterson, N.J. 07501-2624
Phone: (973) 523-1368
Fax: (973) 345-7733
E-mail. stoocozzo@aol.com

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