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Jaunty First Teddy Bear Part II
by Rita Vainius

Surprise! Our Jaunty Teddy may be small in stature, but he's got lots of Heart!

Additional Materials Needed:
Red Felt ­ 1 piece approximately 2" x 2"

Step 1. By now you should have connected the front of your teddy bear to the back, using a buttonhole stitch, except for the right side of his head between the neck and the left ear. Take your original printed bear pattern and cut out the shapes of the 2 ears and 4 paws on the dotted lines.

Step 2. Attach each of the 2 paper ear patterns to the tan felt with straight pins. Attach each of the 4 paw patterns to the tan felt with straight pins. Now cut each piece of tan felt to the shape of each pattern piece. Take one of the ears cut from the tan felt and position it about 1/4 inch in from edge of brown felt on one ear. Hold the felt in place with straight pins while you use one ply of the Black Forest Watercolour thread, with a buttonhole stitch, to attach the tan felt. Repeat same procedure with the other ear and then with each of the 4 paws. For the buttonhole stitch diagram, refer to Part I of this project.

Step 3. After attaching the tan felt for both ears and the four paws, you're ready to stuff your bear! This is where he really starts coming to life! Take the polyester stuffing and begin to fill the bear's body with it. First pack the stuffing into the bear's legs and arms so that it fills them and plumps out the shape. Then add stuffing to the ears. Next fill the body of the bear with the stuffing, and lastly the head. Try to squeeze as much stuffing as you can into the bear and still be able to bring together the front and back pieces of felt on the right side of the head.

Step 4. Use some straight pins to hold the front and back pieces of brown felt making up the left side of the head together. Then use one ply of the Spice Watercolour thread to continue with the buttonhole stitch where you left off at the neck to close up the right side of the head.

Step 5. Measure out approximately 4 feet (48 inches) of the Marigold Watercolour thread. Follow the directions of Step 3 and 4 of our previous Kid's Project for Rainbow Shoelaces with Pom-Poms to make a twisted cord to tie around your teddy's neck.

For instructions to make the braided cord go to:

Step 6. And now, to give your teddy his heart! Print out the pattern for the heart shape. Cut extra paper away, leaving only about 1/2" of border outside the heart shape. Pin the paper with straight pins, within the heart pattern, to your piece of red felt. Cut the red felt following the heart shaped pattern.

Click on image for link to print out.

Step 7. Using the same color you used for your teddy's nose, Fresh Pink Watercolours, use one ply of thread and a buttonhole stitch, to attach the heart to the left side of your teddy's chest.


Yippee! Your teddy is done! If you haven't given him a name yet, now's the time! Feel free to add other decorations to your bear, such as adding bells or beads to his "braided" collar bow. Or you can make "him" a "her" by adding a bow (made from braided cord, like the collar on the bear's neck) using Fresh Pink Watercolours and attaching it right on her head between her ears. Either way, this teddy is sure to win Your Heart!

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