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Tee Shirt Designed and Stitched by Anna Mastropolo 

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This tee shirt was embellished by Anna for her mother' friend, Laurie's daughter, Radhika who really likes the color black. Anna used a blue color scheme for the embroidery and decorated it further with silver rhinestones. Anna says, "For Radhika's Tee shirt I chose black because it's her favorite color in clothing. Radhika's parents are from India so her black hair and skin tones would look pretty with the very sparkly and bold colors of Snow in Sky Blue and Rachelette in Lavender Rose. I wanted to use the rhinestones for the same reason. I also thought the shades of blue would be pretty to wear with jeans...I liked blues with the black shirt."

Materials needed: 

Snow 03 - Sky Blue - about 50"

Watercolours 127- Crystal Bay - about 36"

Rachelette - A 7 - Blue Black - about 36"

Silver Rhinestones

Needle to fit various threads used

Permanent Fabric Adhesive


Refer to Stitch Diagrams for Stitch Instructions

Click here for DIAGRAMS

Directions for Black Tee Shirt with embroidery and rhinestones decorating the neckline:

Step 1. Use Snow thread for Chevron stitches.

Step 2. Do Lazy Daisy stitch with 1 ply of Watercolours

Step 3. Make Straight stitches with Rachelette along neckline

Step 4 Apply silver rhinestones with permanent (fabric) adhesive. 

Note from Anna: " I like using Rachelette because of the transparency. The color is really bright but softened. I hope you liked this project!" 

For more information, contact Anna at:
e-mail: achewi234@home.com

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