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From a Collection of Signs designed specifically for Boys

Genius at Work
by Forever in My Heart Designs
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Signs and postings warn parents what to expect when they enter a child's room. This free graph from Forever in my Heart is a preview to an upcoming chart pack of signs just for Boys entitled, Here's Your Sign: Wit and Wisdom from the Boys. Wendy and Lynda know from personal experience that boys have their own brand of humor and wisdom after having raised three of sons between them. They will be creating a chart pack of signs for girls as they also have five daughters between the two families.

This chart can be stitched on a 10 count fabric. To make it simpler, you can stitch the whole chart in Watercolours #153 Distant Hills. Complete each stitch as you go for the best effect. The chart has two symbols, so if you choose, you can stitch the border and the words in different color threads. We like the effect of using one Watercolours shade for both. If you decide to choose different colors for the project, assign a symbol on the chart for each new color you will be using before proceeding. Stitch each symbol with an X.

Follow the stitch diagram to complete each cross-stitch. Come up at 1 and go down at 2. This is the first half of your stitch. Then come up at 3 and go down at 4 to complete your stitch. Continue with other stitches. The most important rule to follow is to have fun!

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About Forever in My Heart Designs

The history of Forever in my Heart Designs is one, which proves the adage that there are no coincidences. Lynda Melanson, while raising 4 children as a single mother in Texas, discovered a shop named The Counted Thread. She was immediately transported back to the stitching she had enjoyed so much as a child. Not only did she become a regular customer, but Lynda also joined the staff as a part time employee. In Idaho, just at about the same time, Wendy Peatross was happily occupied as a married stay-at-home mother of four who loved doing cross-stitch in her spare time.

Fate began to work out its design when Lynda met Steve Orme, who hails from Idaho. Soon they were married and the new extended family settled in Idaho Falls where Steve operated his own business, Pioneer Art and Frame. In March of "99, Lynda opened a needlework store, Forever Stitching, adjacent to Steve's store. Lynda first met Wendy at a local church function. They soon became fast friends and Wendy started stitching shop models to barter for framing work for her own completed needlework projects.

Wendy's and Lynda's designing collaboration came together as-if preordained. Their first designs were projects for the shop's Christmas Club. When Steve cut a heart shaped mat, he requested that they design a piece of needlework to use with it. Wendy and Lynda delivered not one but three! This was followed by a needleroll design, May Christmas be Forever in your Heart. From that evolved the name of their design venture, Forever in My Heart.

With their design notebook ever brimming over with ideas, Forever in my Heart may just be around, well... forever.

For a previous Kids Project from Forever in My Heart Designs called Kids Kount - Beginner Squares, go to

A color catalog of Forever in My Heart Designs is available for $4.00. Charts are available to the trade from Forever in my Heart Designs and both retail and wholesale from Forever Stitching.

The featured Kids' Class presented comes from a collection of "Signs for Boys" and is the latest chart from Forever In My Heart. It is part of a new chart pack to be released this fall. Also watch for "Signs for Girls" to follow soon!

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