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Ship Ahoy!

Materials you will need:
A piece of wood 7" x 8 1/2 " or larger and minimum of 1/2" thick
(we used a ready made piece of beechwood 8 1/2" x 10 1/2" (1" thick) with beveled edges purchased at a craft store)
CARON Watercolours thread (or comparable weight threads)

- Spinaker Sail - Tahiti #CSO86311
- Main Sail - Dawn # CS134223

(untie each of the thread bundles to separate the threads)
- Mast and Body of the Boat - Blueberry #CSO41318
Nails ­ we used brass hobby nails (pins) size 16 x 3/4"
Masking or other tape


Step 1-
Print out the nail pattern guide below.

Step 2 - and securely tape it on to your piece of wood. Make sure to tape it on all four sides so it stays put while you nail in the pins.

Step 3 - place a nail on any dot on the pattern guide and nail the nail in half way so at least 1/4" to 3/8" of the nail remains above the paper. (You need to have enough room to wrap the thread around each nail.) Nail in a nail in each of the dots on the pattern guide until you have filled the entire sailboat shape.

Step 4 - Carefully tear away the paper so only the nails remain on the wood.

Use the numbered guide below for how to string the thread.

Step 5 - First we'll start with the multi-colored Spinaker Sail. Starting with the Tahiti Watercolours thread at point A-1 tie the thread to the nail using a double knot, but don't cut off the excess yet.

Step 6 - Holding the thread taut bring it to nail B-1 and wrap it around the nail once. Bring it back to nail A-1 with a single wrap around the nail and proceed to nail B-2, where you will repeat the above process, continue wrapping nail B-3 and B-4 the same way. After you wrap B-4 thread around A-1 continue wrapping the thread to B-5. (There are 4 B wraps for every A wrap as shown in the diagram.)The proceed to wrap B-5's strand to A-2 and continue with B-6, B-7, and B-8 the same way. Continue wrapping around A and B nails until you reach the top. The last nail A-7 will only have threee wraps on it. Once you have wrapped the last thread from B-27 to A-7 tie a knot around A-7 to secure the thread. Closely cut off the excess thread on both A-1 and A-7 nails.

Step 7 - Next we'll do the Mast.
Tie the Blueberry Watercolours thread to Nail C-1 with a double knot, but don't cut off the excess, yet. Wrap the thread to nail C-2 and back to nail C-1 then up to C-3 and back to C-4. tie a knot around nail C-4. Then tie the strand from C-1 together with the C-4 strand inot a double knot and cut off the excess.

Step 8 - Now the Sailboat body. Using the Blueberry Watercolours thread tie a knot to nail D-1. Then wrap that thread around E-1. Proceed wrapping D-2 to E-2 and so on until the whole body of the boat is filled in. After you have wrapped thre thread around D-8 take the thread to E-8 again and wrap around it, proceed to E-1 and then back to D-1 where you will tie the thread together with the remaining thread on D-1. Tie a double knot and cut off the excess.

Step 9 - Lastly the Main Sail. Using Dawn Watercolours thread and starting with nail F-1 tie a knot then proceeding to the left to G-1 and then back and forth to row F and G until you reach the top as shown in the diagram After you reach the very top, wrap the thread around it and then bring it back down to F-1 and tie it together in a double knot with the remaining strand. Trim the excess thread close to the nail.

Step back and admire your handiwork. Your ship is ready to set sail.

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