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A Key West Sunset Bag
by Zoe Pischke, the daughter of featured designer, Julie Pischke

Our Key West Sunset Bag is designed by Zoe Pischke (shown left), the daughter of this month's featured designer, Julie Pischke. At 13, Zoe is very much an artistic talent in her own right. She got started painting canvas for needlework because she wanted to earn some money to accompany her grandparents on a cruise. Needless to say, her goal was accomplished. She pays tribute to Julie by stressing that she was also motivated by wanting to be "like her mom." Aside from designing stitching projects, Zoe enjoys making collages. Both these and her canvas designs exhibit Zoe's remarkable sense of color, texture and composition. Although she is contemplative, rather than competitive by nature, she is enjoys athletic activities: gymnastics, tennis, basketball, bicycling, swimming and rollerblading. Social interaction also takes top priority as Zoe delights in "hanging out with her buds." Because of Zoe's varied interests and aptitudes, she can't easily be "pegged down." Truly her mother's daughter, that trait has a familiar ring to it!

Zoe took time out from her busy schedule to design this bag especially for aspiring young needleworkers and she hopes you'll enjoy making it as much as she enjoyed creating it.

Information about about ordering Zoe's Key West Sunset Bag:

Zoe's Key West Sunset Bag has already generated so much interest at Island Needlework that Julie plans to market it in the spring of `99. The fabric ground color will be available in a choice of blue, green, pink, yellow and aqua. As yet, it has not been determined how this bag will be packaged. For more information and availability, contact Island Needlework at (305) 296-6091

Click the sketch below for a full size pattern to print out.

INSTRUCTIONS: Transfer the full size design to your canvas by placing the pattern under your canvas and tracing it lightly with a permanent marker* on to the canvas. Stitch the design following the color guide below using Straight Stitches except for the sun rays which were done with Chain Stitches. You can use pieces of leftover threads for the fish. Rachel, Antica or Rachelette would all work well.

*Never use a felt tip pen for tracing a design on canvas! Only a permanent marker (such as a fine-line Sharpie or Pilot SC-UF permanent pen) are acceptable. Since needlepoint is normally blocked using a damp cloth or steam iron after stitching, whatever goes on the canvas must be colorfast.

 Watercolours  Emerald  #065
 Watercolours  Burnt Toast  #062
 Watercolours  Cedar  #137
 Rachel  Yellow  B8
 Rachel  Sun Orange  B18
 Widlflowers  Mediterranean  #068


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