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Hair "Dazzler" Band

Want to make a neat hair band to tie your ponytail up with or end a braid? We've got just the thing, it's really cool and it's easy too!


2 skeins of the CARON Collection's Watercolour thread

1 elastic hair band (the kind with the metal connector), beads

..or The CARON Collection Hair Dazzler Kit (mail order only)

Scissors and a ruler

STEP 1: Remove the label from each skein of thread and untie the knot at the end of the skein.

STEP 2: Untwist the skein and open it up so it is one large loop. Repeat with 2nd skein.

STEP 3: Take the thread and cut through all layers of thread at one end of the skein. Open it up so it is one long group of strands. Repeat with 2nd skein.

STEP 4: Lay down the thread down lengthwise next to a ruler and measure off 7" from one end of the thread. Cut through all layers of the thread. Continue to cut the threads into 7" pieces until you've cut all the thread.


 STEP 5: Take one group of the 7" pieces and select 4 of the twined strands (don't untwine the strand of Watercolours -- which is is made up of three thinner strands.)


STEP 6: Make sure the 4 strands are flush at both ends (otherwise your band will look scraggly) and fold the 4 threads in half making a loop at the closed end. After folding, line up the two ends so the threads are the same length on both sides


 STEP 7: Place the threads down on a flat surface and position the elastic hair band over the threads about 1" from the looped edge. (See figure 1.)


STEP 8: Grasp the looped edge with one hand and the thread ends with the other hand and pull the ends over the elastic band and through the thread loop at the top. (See figure 2.)


 STEP 9: Pull the threads tightly through the loop so the thread forms a knot on the band. Pull on the individual stands to make the knot tighter. Continue taking 4 sets of strands and repeat steps 6 through 10 until the band is as full as you'd like. As you add the thread to the elastic hair band push the thread groups together so that you cover the elastic band.

Once you've knotted all the thread on the elastic band you can braid some of the strands, add beads to them and even add beads within the braids. Have fun, experiment, see what "dazzling" things you can come up with.

(Shown on left a finished "Hair Dazzler")

Note: A yarn equivalent may be substituted for Watercolours thread but the effect will not be the same as the variegated thread shown.

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