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Zweigart Fabrics for Needlepoint

Presenting the Zweigart collection of canvas for needlepoint.
Examples of fabrics shown are also available in other colors and mesh sizes.

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Mono Deluxe "Orange Line"

 Brown (10 mesh)

 White (10 mesh)

  White (3 mesh)
  • Heavy white gobelin canvas in 100% cotton
  • Similar to "Penelope" with its polished twist
  • The threads are strong and resistant to breaking
  • Suitable for all needlepoint techniques
  • Ideal for painting
  • Ideal for heat transferring designs
  • Available in the basic white and brown shown as well as an array of other colors
  • The white is available in 40" wide or 54" wide in various other mesh sizes
  • The colors are 40" wide in an 18 mesh  

Waste Canvas "Blue Line"

 (6.5 mesh)

  (11 mesh)

 (14 mesh)

  • Used as an aid in applying a design to a non-evenweave item
  • Once cross stitch is completed, dampen the embroidery and remove the canvas thread by thread
  • The blue lines help make counting easier ­ every five stitches
  • Available in 27" wide in various other mesh sizes



 Brown (13 mesh)

  • Woven with the "Mono" weave but with a "country brown" color
  • Mainly used for designs which call for areas to be left un-stitched and when a "country" look is required


Congress Cloth


 Light Caramel (24 mesh)

  • This particular canvas is used when a variety of embroidery stitches are required for a needlepoint canvas
  • The durability and softness of this canvas allows you flexibility when bending of the canvas is required in order to accommodate particular stitches
  • With the option of several colors available, the stitcher is able to leave areas unstitched for background color  

Double Mesh Canvas a.k.a. "Penelope"

 Brown (10 mesh)

  White (10 mesh)

 Brown (12 mesh)

 White (10 mesh)

  White (14 mesh)

  • Same as single mesh "Mono" canvas but in this case has the option of two mesh sizes
  • The double mesh offers you for example: 10/20 or 12/24
  • This method is used when an area requires a finer needlepoint such as faces

Double Mesh "Quick Point"


 White (5 mesh)
Similar to Double Mesh Canvas

Interlock Canvas

 White (5 mesh)

  Ecru (7 mesh)


 White (14 mesh)

 White (10 mesh)

  • Basic needlepoint canvas for quick and easy projects
  • Suitable for all needlepoint techniques
  • Ideal for painting
  • Ideal for heat transfering designs
  • Suitable for all types of embroidery threads
  • Now available in an array of colors which includes two "metallic" shades
  • Available in 40" width in various other mesh sizes  

Rug Canvas ­ Latch Hook Canvas


 Ecru (3.3 mesh)

 Ecru (3.75 mesh)

  Cream (6 mesh)

  • Made of a 6 ply pure cotton, twisted in a leno weave
  • Used for fine latch hooking or coarse needlepoint
  • Available in several mesh sizes
  • Used in thousands of latch hook kits each year
  • Suitable for any type of "rug wool"
  • Zweigart has the ability of producing any width requested

Mono Standard White 


 (10 mesh)
  • Basic "Mono" needlepoint canvas
  • Heavy white gobelin canvas in 100% cotton
  • Similar to "Penelope" with its polished twist




 White (22 mesh)

Basic canvas for finer and more detailed needlepoint

For more information about Zweigart needlepoint canvas and other Zweigart fabrics, contact:


Sales and Marketing Office: Joan Toggitt Ltd.
262 Old New Brunswick Rd. Suite E
Piscataway, NJ 08854-3756
Phone: (732) 562- 8888
Fax: (732) 562- 8866
E-Mail: info@zweigart.com
Website: http://www.zweigart.com


Although Zweigart & Sawitzki recently celebrated their 120th Anniversary, their history dates back much further. In 1877, Paul Zweigart and Julius Sawitzki merged together to form one of the leading textile manufacturers.

Under the name Zweigart & Sawitzki, they have produced top quality fabrics and canvas with knowledge and experience that has been passed down through many generations, compiling an impressive total of 355 years of experience. Zweigart's diverse product line, coupled with consistently superior quality, are two main contributing factors in maintaining their worldwide leadership status within the textile industry.

One example of their success occurred in 1890 with the development of the first Aida cloth and throughout the years, their superior finishing techniques and strict quality control have helped them in their quest for success. Their two mills, one in Germany and one in Switzerland, currently produce over 800 different items, including afghans, plainweaves, linens, damasks, stitchband, pre-finished items and needlepoint canvas, which are then distributed to 128 countries. The hotel/restaurant collection, which was introduced in the early eighties, further diversified the product line to include many varieties of table linens and home decor items. Expansion as well as improvement is always the focus at Zweigart.

Through twelve decades, Zweigart & Sawitzki has managed to sustain a position of leadership in the world within the textile industry ­ emphasizing research and developmentalways staying a step ahead in the industry.

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