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Once you've stitched that beautiful new Christmas sock, like this month's magazine freebie, you'll want to finish it off with that expert touch. This month Marilynn Arm lends her wisdom and expertise to guide you in the process.

Finishing Techniques
For an Open and Lined Mini-Christmas Stocking
by Marilynn Arm of Finely Finished Needlepoint

Stocking design shown by Lois Caron

Marilynn Arm is a designer and expert finisher. Her company, Finely Finished Needlepoint, is located in East Haddam, Connecticut. To contact Marilynn click here.

Opened and Lined Mini-Sock
Finishing Instructions

If you have open canvas work or desire the needlework (cross stitch) to be interlined, after blocking, begin the finishing with step one.

1. Interlining

First, attach interlining of lightweight cotton to stocking. To do this, place the stocking face up on a square of fabric and machine stitch 1/4" away from the design outline. Do this all around it. Trim both layers 1/4" away from the machine stitching. This will give you a 1/2" seam allowance.

2. Backing Fabric

Place the new interlined stocking face down on the backing fabric. The backing can be the same fabric you used to stitch your design or another material of your choice. (In our example we used a velveteen fabric). Be sure to match the grain of all the fabrics as closely as possible. Starting at one long edge and using the previous stitching as a guide, machine stitch 1/8" inside the first row of stitching, close to the design. Leave the top unstitched.

3. Assembling the Lining

Clip curves and turn the stocking right side out. Finger press the sewn edges. Assemble the lining by placing two pieces of lining fabric with right sides together. Place the Christmas sock on top of the lining, taking care to align the grain of the all fabrics. Trace the outline of the stocking on the lining with dressmakers chalk or pencil. Remove the stocking and pin the lining pieces together. Check to be sure the top measurement of the lining and the top inside measurement of the stocking are the same. Do this by measuring inside both the lining and the stocking. (See photo below.)


4. Finishing the Edges

Machine stitch the two pieces of lining together just inside the chalk line. Start about 1/2" above one top edge and 1/2" above other top edge, but leaving the top open. Trim the lining, leaving 1/4" seam allowance all around, except at the top where you should leave 1/2". Clip the curves.

Gently insert the lining into the stocking. Fold and finger press the top seam allowance toward the inside. Slip stitch the lining to the top of the stocking, securing a hanger at the "heel" seam before completing the closure.

If desired, trim with beads, tassels, braided cord or other embellishments. Our stitched sample was trimmed with cabled thread all around and used for the hangar as well.


Contact Information for Marilynn Arm

Finely Finished Needlepoint, 9 Norwich-Salem Road, East Haddam, CT 06423-1716
Telephone: 203 434-6296

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