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Introducing a Series of Classes taught by Marilyn Vredevelt
for the new Creative Arts and Textiles Show ­ 2001

Marilyn Vredevelt is an internationally-known designer and teacher. Her classes focus on decorative stitches as seen in her lovely samplers. She has received several "Golden Needle Awards" presented by Coats & Clark with Anchor Brand, including the Grand Prize in 1997, and was awarded Wichelt's 1995 "Designer of the Year" and "People's Choice Award" for her excellence in needlework. Marilyn was a needlework shop owner for twenty years, but is first and foremost an avid needlework consumer. She learned to stitch from her mother and grandmother, and began accumulating her incredible needlework stash as a teenager. Her design company, Stoney Creek Collection, Inc., published its first books in 1984 because Marilyn couldn't find the kind of designs she wanted to stitch. Since then, Stoney Creek and its subsidiary, Raindrop Designs, have published over 400 cross-stitch and needlework books and leaflets, dozens of kits, and the popular Stoney Creek Cross Stitch Collection bimonthly magazine that premiered in 1989.

Marilyn Vredevelt will be teaching the following classes at the new Creative Arts and Textiles Show:
Hands on Framing
Class No.226

Apply basic, yet professional, framing techniques to create a framed accent piece perfect for bathroom or bedroom decor. This class will take you step-by-step through the process of lacing linen to a mounting board-- which is the preferred manner of mounting needlework. This will save you money as you avoid the high cost of needlework mounting when you can do it yourself! Your class materials will include a framer's hammer, mounting supplies for future projects as well as the materials and frame to do-it-yourself in this three-hour class.

Class 227 ­ The Magic of Christmas

" The magic of Christmas is in the air. The stars shine bright for one most fair..." Stoney Creek's spectacular 12" x 14" holiday sampler captures the magic of the season with an inviting village scene, pearl cotton alphabet, shimmering metallic threads and enchanting decorative stitches. Prior experience in stitching over 2 threads is highly recommended before taking this class.

Class 228 ­ Lace Squares II

By popular demand, here is another sequel! This lovely pillow features eight filling stitches for Gretchen cloth squares bordered by roses and vines. Stoney Creek's 2001 Lace Squares II is a marvelous companion piece to Stoney Creek's 1999 Lace Squares class, yet it is beautiful enough to stand on its own.

Class 229- Legacy of Love Sampler

Create a unique 4" x 16" sampler as you learn four different Pulled Thread stitches enhanced with: Braided Hearts, Pulled Half Diamond Eyelets and Mistake stitches. This class is a great introduction to Pulled Thread work; yet, it is important to come to class with prior experience in working over 2 threads. The combination of cross-stitched motifs, pearl cotton alphabet, decorative stitches and Pulled Thread work-stitched with overdyed silks and cotton floss-results in a precious heirloom that is "Stitched by me for all to see, a legacy of love for our family."

Class 230 - Crazy Quilt Sampler

Cheery shades of country blue, green, gold and rusty red highlight the cross-stitched alphabet, birdhouses and bird's nest (perched on a stack of crazy quilts) that top this fabulous design. The bottom of the design provides ample room for learning and practicing a variety of crazy quilt stitches-derived from combinations of many different surface stitches-which is then beautifully finished off with an attractive quilted border. Lots of beads and tiny golden charms add personality to this heartwarming 11 1/2" x 15 1/2" design.

Class 231- Roses and Vines Sampler

A large 12" x 18" sampler of decorative stitches is magnificently framed by roses and vines, hand-painted Japanese silk Colorwash thread and glass beads. The focal point is a pearl cotton alphabet that is so muted and subtle that it really showcases the beauty of the decorative stitches on either side.

Class 232 ­ Sampler 2001

You asked for it and we listened! This lovely 4 3/4" x 15 3/4" sampler is the second in a series, beginning with Sampler 2000. If you missed the 2000 class, it's not too late to begin. Each of these designs is beautiful in its own right and can be stitched and displayed separately, too. Sampler 2001 is an advanced class, stitched on 28ct. shell linen, featuring four Pulled stitches, the Amadeus stitch and the Waffle stitch worked in overdyed silks and pearl cottons.

Hot Off the Press from Stoney Creek: A new "How To Cross Stitch Book," which just made its official debut at the Atlanta CATS show held from March 22 to 24, 2001.

Marilyn Vredevelt and her company are committed to passing on the joy of Cross Stitch to the next generation. While more and more voices are affirming the many benefits of engaging in cross stitch to combat stress, promote health and healing and encourage creativity, the challenge of passing these benefits on to the next generation has never been greater! In this age of computers, fast paced electronic games and special effects television, you may even wonder, "Do our children want to learn? Can cross stitch hold their interest long enough for them to learn how to do it? Would they enjoy it?" Stoney Creek's answer is s resounding YES! Cross stitch will not only hold their interest, it will become a source of lifelong enjoyment. And yes, Stoney Creek is committed to creating resources that will give everyone the opportunity to learn to stitch.

The first book in Stoney Creek's Learning Series, The ABC's of Cross Stitch: A Resource Book for Beginning Cross Stitchers, was designed to teach children, and adults, how to cross stitch even if they have never held a needle before. They know it works since Stoney Creek has used it as a "textbook" to teach the basics of cross stitch to almost 300 Girl Scouts from the Girl Scouts of Michigan Trails Council, which serves 6 counties in West Michigan. More than 20 troops have toured the Stoney Creek office since October 2000 and have worked toward their Textile and Fiber Badge or Textile Arts Project as they tested revision after revision of Stoney Creek's how to cross stitch book. The program garnered rave reviews from the 8 to 13 years old girls who participated. The enormous success of this program and the enthusiasm it generated, encouraged Stoney Creek to take The ABC's of Cross Stitch book and class on the road, by inviting girl scouts to participate in a special cross stitch class offered at several of the Cross Stitch Festivals sponsored by the Creative Arts &Textiles Shows in Atlanta, GA (March 22 to 24) and Denver, CO (May 3 to 5).

Marilyn Vredevelt, Stoney Creek's founder and President, adds, "I want everyone to have the opportunity to learn to cross stitch! I am excited about the opportunity we have to teach hundreds of Girl Scouts how to cross stitch. And I am confident that Stoney Creek's The ABC's of Cross Stitch book will have an even broader reach towards encouraging children and adults that have never held a needle before to try a new hobby that will bring them lifetime joy."

Look for Stoney Creek's The ABC's of Cross Stitch: A Resource Book for Beginning Cross Stitchers in your local needlework store or call (800) 243- 1410 for more information. There is no better way to spread the word about the joy of counted cross stitch than to pass on our knowledge, skills and passion to the next generation. Call (800) 243- 1410 for more information about the Girl Scouts classes at the Cross Stitch Festivals. Call (336) 778- 1157 for more information about the CATS Cross Stitch Festivals.

For more information contact the Stoney Creek Collection at:
5161 Woodfield Ct, NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525
Web Site: www.stoneycreek.com

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