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A FREE Pattern Compliments of Sekas & Co.
Stitch Count 26 x 25


10 ct Cream Tula (design size 2.6" x 2.5")

Caron Collection Watercolours:
# 000 (Natural)
#045 (Flame)
#072 (Midnight)

Heart and Star buttons -your choice

Needle: Tapestry #22

Watercolours is a 3 ply cotton; separate and use 1 ply.

1. Stitch basket handle and rim with Midnight using Cross Stitch.

2. Basket: Upper right area with Midnight using Smyrna Cross.

3. Main part of basket: Horizontal Oblong Cross with Backstitch -
Flame and ( / ) Half Cross - Natural.

4. Attach heart and star buttons in the basket.

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