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Pam Davenport

Presenting an update on Designer Pam Davenport, who first came to our attention in 1997! Pam's new work exemplifies perfectly that creativity doesn't have to be confined to just one medium!

Our initial Designer Spotlight Feature on Pam began: "It may seem like a giant leap from working as a 911 operator/police dispatcher for the LAPD to designer of a new collection of needlework designs but Pam Davenport is proof of the hidden talent in many of us. The lack of formal training hasn't hampered her creativity; it may in fact, account for her fresh and very unique style."

Two Faces

Though Pam Davenport is no longer a 911 operator, she still works for the Police Department. Currently she holds the position of a Management Analyst II, working for the Inspector General's office in the Use of Force Section, doing analysis on officer involved shootings and officers' uses of force.

Guitar Player

She ventured into a new medium of working with stained glass because in her new job she does so much reading that she was straining her eyes. That necessitated putting her stitching projects aside for a while. Initially she had tried to find a pottery class but could not locate one that worked with her schedule. She says, "When I got a catalog from a local adult high school program I called a friend to tell her they were offering a stained glass class, which she was interested in, and a mosaic class, which we both wanted to do. She didn't want to go alone so I signed up with her."

Fruit Lady

Working with stained glass turned out to be a difficult transition for Pam because the mediums are so different and you have to be so careful working with the glass. Also, it's not a hobby you can pick up and take with you. It was also rather frustrating because Pam couldn't find patterns that she liked. She elaborates, "Just as in needlework, there are not many ethnic patterns for stained glass." Pam had found just two books so far.

Mosaic Table Top
Pam's First Attempt at Mosaic
Made as a Christmas Gift for her Sister

Since there are so very many colors of glass, Pam began adapting patterns to fit her style and taste. She states categorically, "I have never been a traditional bird/flower/landscape kind of person. Luckily I have a teacher that is willing to let me try to do whatever I want." Pam started looking at pictures in a different way and seeing how she could adjust them to easy glass cuts. She prefers abstracts and geometrics. Since she couldn't find the kind of patterns she wanted to try at the stores, she began designing her own.

Color Face
Inspired by African Mask

Some of the designs shown have come from art catalogs At Christmas she usually gets quite a few art calendars, which have provided other ideas. One exception is her piece portraying the African mask, which was taken from a stained glass pattern book with just a few changes she made to the design.

Heart Lady
(Both Sides Shown)

Pam has been doing this so far just to see what is possible for her to create with the glass and patterns and how she can put the colors together. She has received a very favorable response from classmates and friends and has even received a few requests to make windows or patterns. Pam insists though, "I will get back to the needlework soon and probably convert some of the patterns I have done in glass to either needlepoint or cross stitch. In fact the woman holding the fruit bowl, the two faces, and the sax player are actually pictures that I had been saving to convert to needlework. It worked out good that I could also convert them to glass." Pam's design of the Heart Lady was awarded a second place ribbon at the Los Angeles County Fair. "Next year I'll get me a first!" comments Pamela.

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Pamela Davenport
: 2pasd@verizon.net

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