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To Bead or Not to Bead


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Fabric or Canvas: 18 count canvas or evenweave fabric

Tapestry needles: #22

Threads: This design was stitched entirely with Waterlilies. You can use as little as two colors;
if they both have a lot of variegations in the skein, you can achieve the look of many colors.
You will not need more than two yards of each color, when using Waterlilies. If you elect to use
more colors, you will only need one yard of each.

See the table for other Caron Collection thread suggestions, as well as tips on using the threads.
A background stitch of your choice is optional, especially if your base is an evenweave fabric.
Six colors of Waterlilies were used in the model:

  • 144 Pomegranate,
  • 173 Redwood
  • 211Cucumber
  • 236 Appalachia
  • 276 TequilaSunrise
  • 277 HotPeppers
  • Plus 3 yards of 118 Opal for the background, which is done in vertical rows of Satin Stitch over 5 threads.

For Waterlilies, use 4 of the12 plies in the strand (additional for upright stitches).

When doing decorative stitches, check the coverage of the thread. If necessary, add or subtract one ply for the stitch concerned.
For Watercolours use one ply of the 3 in the strand.




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