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Special FREE Design By

Justice in our Hearts

By Giulia Manfredini

Stitchers everywhere have been touched by the tragedy of September 11, 2001. The Caron Collection has, since the first month's anniversary of these attacks, been featuring a Special Designer's Tribute to the victims. Featured here is Justice in our Hearts by Giulia Manfredini, an Italian designer with a special place in her heart for Americans. The design is her personal tribute to all people lost on September 11th in the USA. Though enormously gratified by the enthusiastic response, which her design has received, Giulia deeply regrets that it commemorates such a tragic occasion. Her exquisite design constitutes a powerful and personal artistic statement, which Giulia is generously providing without charge. Her heartfelt hope is that stitchers will make a donation to organizations that are dedicated to assisting the victims' families and loved ones.


Pre-finished Heart-felt PLL50 of Linens & Lace
Waterlilies: Honey Suckle, Peacock, Spruce, Passion
DMC silver metallic thread 5283



Special Note from Giulia about stitching the design: When working the design, complete each stitch before starting the following one, in order to achieve a more shaded effect.

Flag: The American flag is on the upper left of the design. Cross stitch over two threads of fabric following chart using two ply Waterlilies Passion and Peacock. Cut a red piece of thread for Passion and a blue piece for Peacock and complete each stitch before starting the following one. Use two ply DMC Metallic 5283. Stitch the flag filling the space on the upper left.

Roses: Pearl bullion-knot roses are stitched on the diagonal lace. Using 2 ply Waterlilies Honeysuckle, work three small roses with Bullion knot stitch on the diagonal lace on the left and add two diagonal leaves (with chain stitch) for each rose, following the direction of the lace.

Candles: Candles with silver flames burn in honor of the innocent victims. Horizontally, use satin stitch over four threads of fabric with two-ply Waterlilies Passion. Backstitch vertical edges over two threads of fabric, using two ply Waterlilies Passion.

Candles flames: use two ply DMC Metallic 5283 to work a single vertical chain stitch for each candle over four threads of fabric.

Pearl and green hearts: Pearl and green hearts are in the background. Stitch over two threads of fabric following chart, using two-ply Waterlilies HoneySuckle and Spruce.

Psalm: The Psalm is stitched in green as a symbol of hope. Backstitch over two threads of fabric with two-ply Waterlilies Spruce.

PSALM 75:10 NCV: The Psalm states: "He will take all power away from the wicked, but the power of good people will grow." Using one ply Waterlilies Peacock, cross stitch over one thread of fabric the word PSALM and backstitch over one thread of fabric 75:10 and NCV. This Psalm comes from the book, Lighthouse Psalms, (Honor Books, Tulsa, OK), from the Holy Bible New Century Version.

USA Sept. 11, 2001: Place and date of the crime are on the upper right. Using one ply Waterlilies Passion, cross stitch the sentence over one thread of fabric.

Note from Giulia: None of the colors I have chosen is too bright or too strong. My intention was that the stitched the piece would inspire calm determination to seek justice with God's blessing. What is included in this little project is kept in my heart and the hearts of my husband and my daughter and, I am sure, many stitchers also share the same or needlework lovers like us. This piece will be kept forever in my house to remember the sorrow, but to also seek justice, respect and love. We are proud to share this tribute with you.

For more information, contact:
Giulia Manfredini
E mail: jmanfr@tin.it
Snail mail: Via Palestro 16, 541000 Massa, Italy

To order the Prefinished Heart-felt PLL-50 Heart and Flower Venice Trims, 28 ct. Vintage Linen, please contact:
Julie Hazen-Warburton
E mail: juliehw@usa.net
website: www.linens-lace.com

Note: The heart felt is a pre-finished item made of linen and trimmed with Venice lace, so it is one pre-finished piece, as shown in the picture. After stitching the piece with the design, it is finished by stuffing with batting and attaching to the back the piece of ecru felt, which is supplied with the heart.


Flag of the World
by Sofia Cornali

Sofia Cornali, Giulia's 8-year-old daughter, has also created and contributed her own tribute. Her drawing, Flag of the World, depicts people of all creeds and colors, with hands clasped, proclaiming the message, "Peace to the World Freedom, Respect, Love." Sofia is very proud to share this tribute of love with you.

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